Australia’s Elite: A Spotlight on the Top MMA Gyms Down Under

September 22, 2023
From: Spartacus
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Australia, a land renowned for its vast terrains, iconic landmarks, and formidable athletes, has observed a sportive metamorphosis over recent years. As the sun rises over the Opera House and sets behind the vast outback, it casts its golden hue on an emerging tribe of warriors – MMA fighters.

As the influence of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) permeates through every corner of the globe, Australia has been quick to not just follow the trend but lead in many respects. The nation, historically known for its love of rugby and cricket, is swiftly making MMA a part of its cultural fabric. 

From the bustling streets of Sydney to the serene coasts of Perth, MMA gyms are becoming the modern-day colosseums. This article embarks on a journey down under, exploring the top 10 MMA gyms that have not only carved a niche in Australia but are setting benchmarks on the global stage.

#1 City Kickboxing


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Australia, City Kickboxing stands as a monolithic testament to the country’s burgeoning MMA culture. This gym, built upon the bedrock principles of dedication, perseverance, and unyielding excellence, has rapidly evolved into a crucible of champions, heralding Australia’s triumphant arrival on the global MMA stage.

Diving into the philosophical roots of City Kickboxing, one discovers an enthralling blend of ancient martial values seamlessly intertwined with modern-day training techniques. The gym’s ethos revolves around cultivating a fighter’s mental tenacity as meticulously as their physical prowess. The result? Athletes who aren’t just physically prepared but mentally primed to dominate inside the cage.

The coaching staff at City Kickboxing is its crowning jewel. These mentors, battle-hardened through years of personal experience, act as the guiding stars for budding talents, helping them navigate the treacherous waters of the MMA world. Fighters like the unparalleled Israel Adesanya, the ever-dynamic Dan Hooker, and the featherweight maestro Alexander Volkanovski are luminous examples of the prowess that emerges from the hallowed halls of City Kickboxing.

#2 Australian Top Team

As you traverse the rich tapestry of Australia’s MMA scene, the name ‘Australian Top Team’ emerges, resplendent and revered. This gym, more than just a training facility, is a sanctuary for fighters aspiring to transcend their limits and etch their names in MMA folklore.

Central to Australian Top Team’s meteoric rise is its indomitable philosophy: a potent mix of rigorous training, intrinsic motivation, and the indomitable spirit of a warrior. They operate on a simple belief: while technical skills can be imparted, the burning desire to triumph comes from within. And it’s this fire they stoke and nurture.The coaches at Australian Top Team are nothing short of MMA maestros. Their vast reservoirs of experience, coupled with an innate ability to innovate, form the backbone of this esteemed institution. It’s under their watchful eyes and guided tutelage that fighters morph into legends.

Names like the BJJ prodigy Suman Mokhtarian, his dynamo of a brother Ashkan Mokhtarian, and the striking sensation Nadia Kassem aren’t just fighters; they’re living embodiments of Australian Top Team’s dedication to the sport. Their illustrious journeys, rife with trials and tribulations, have been meticulously sculpted by the unparalleled training regimen at the gym.

#3 Absolute MMA

Within the bustling heart of Australia’s MMA arena, Absolute MMA stands as a beacon of martial prowess. More than just a training facility, this institution represents the epitome of excellence in the realm of combat sports. At its core, Absolute MMA’s vision is not merely to manufacture fighters, but to nurture martial artists who are disciplined, well-rounded, and grounded in values.

The guiding philosophy of Absolute MMA is deeply anchored in the timeless tenets of martial arts – respect, discipline, and relentless pursuit of perfection. By blending these foundational values with state-of-the-art training methods, the gym ensures its fighters are holistic blends of both mind and might.

Under the astute guidance of their seasoned coaches, many fighters have honed their skills to perfection. Livia Renata Souza, a formidable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and former Invicta FC Strawweight Champion, stands as a testament to Absolute’s exceptional training. Then there’s the remarkable Craig Jones, primarily celebrated in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu circuit, whose association with Absolute MMA further refined his reputation as one of the world’s best submission grapplers. And who can overlook the dynamism of Martin Nguyen? The former ONE Featherweight and Lightweight World Champion’s explosive prowess in the cage is a direct reflection of the caliber of training at Absolute MMA.

#4 Integrated MMA

In the vast expanse of Australia’s MMA domain, Integrated MMA stands like a colossus. It’s not just a gym; it’s a crucible where raw talent is smelted into elite fighters. This institution is a magnet for those with an insatiable hunger to challenge and transcend their limits. The foundational philosophy at Integrated MMA is both potent and polished: to tap into the innate potential of each individual and mould it into an indomitable force. The gym emphasizes the integral bond between the mind, body, and soul, ensuring every disciple imbibes not just the techniques but the indomitable spirit vital in MMA.

Helmed by mentors who have dedicated their lives to the sport, Integrated MMA offers more than mere training. Trainees imbibe the nuances of combat, the intricacies of strategy, and most paramountly, the ethos of respect and sportsmanship.

It’s not just the world-class training regimen that sets Integrated MMA apart; it’s the fighters they’ve sculpted. Take Adrian Pang, for instance. This veteran, with his strong foundations in wrestling and boxing, has showcased his mettle in global promotions like ONE Championship, attributing much of his prowess to Integrated MMA’s training. Ben Wall, with his notable stint in the UFC, has consistently demonstrated the finesse and skills honed at Integrated MMA. Then there’s Damon Jackson, whose exceptional grappling skills, refined and perfected at Integrated, have made waves in several MMA promotions, including the UFC.

#5 Resilience Training Centre (RTC)

The very essence of Melbourne’s Resilience Training Centre is captured in its name. It’s not just a training facility; it’s a crucible where the spirit of resilience is instilled in every trainee. As you step into RTC, you are greeted by an atmosphere charged with energy, passion, and an unwavering commitment to martial excellence.

At its core, RTC believes in creating martial artists who are as adaptable as they are skilled. This philosophy is evident in the wide array of disciplines offered, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to wrestling, all aimed at molding fighters who can adapt, improvise, and overcome any challenge. But beyond the physical training, RTC offers a deeper lesson – a lesson in resilience, teaching its students to weather the storms of life with the same grit they show in the cage.

Under the guidance of seasoned coaches, students at RTC undergo a transformative journey, evolving not just as fighters but as individuals. This evolution is a testament to the center’s holistic approach to training, where the mind and spirit are nurtured alongside the body. Over the years, RTC has been the training ground for numerous fighters who have made a mark in national and international arenas, showcasing the efficacy and excellence of the training they received at this esteemed establishment.

#6 VT1 Academy

VT1 Academy, based in Sydney, has steadily become one of Australia’s elite MMA training centres. What sets VT1 apart from others is its comprehensive approach to martial arts, with a curriculum spanning traditional disciplines such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Judo, amalgamated seamlessly with the modern techniques of MMA.

The philosophy at VT1 is built on the tenets of respect, discipline, and continuous improvement. The academy places a significant emphasis on creating not just fighters, but martial artists with deep-rooted values and a comprehensive understanding of the arts they practice. It’s this holistic approach that has made VT1 a favourite destination for aspirants looking to make their mark in the world of combat sports.

Coached by a team of seasoned professionals, fighters training at VT1 are offered the perfect blend of traditional martial wisdom and contemporary fight strategies. The blend has seen the rise of notable fighters from the gym. While many trainees have made regional and international waves, fighters like Robert Whittaker, a prominent name in the UFC and former Middleweight Champion, have had associations with VT1, showcasing the academy’s prowess.

#7 PUMMA (Potential Unlimited Mixed Martial Arts)

Nestled in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, PUMMA has carved a unique niche in the Australian MMA landscape. PUMMA’s name itself encapsulates its philosophy – believing in the boundless potential in each individual and working tirelessly to unlock and hone that potential into a formidable fighting force.

PUMMA’s training regimen is as rigorous as it is comprehensive. They understand that MMA is not just about physical strength but also about mental agility and resilience. Therefore, their coaching doesn’t just stop at techniques and strategies; it delves deep into cultivating a fighter’s mindset, ensuring they are battle-ready both physically and mentally.

This intensive approach to training is overseen by a cadre of experienced coaches who bring a wealth of knowledge from various martial arts disciplines. Their commitment to excellence is mirrored by the fighters they’ve trained. Ben Wall, previously highlighted for his UFC appearance, is one of the notable names associated with PUMMA. His prowess inside the cage stands as a testament to PUMMA’s elite training standards. Furthermore, talents like Megan Anderson, former Invicta FC Featherweight champion and UFC contender, have also been a part of the PUMMA family, underscoring the institution’s reputation in the MMA community.

#8 Perth’s MMA

Tucked away in the scenic expanses of Western Australia, Perth’s MMA has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the realm of mixed martial arts. Renowned for its top-tier training facilities and an inclusive approach to martial arts, the gym has earned a reputation as one of the premier MMA institutions down under.

The guiding philosophy of Perth’s MMA is simple yet profound: to forge fighters who are as technically sound as they are mentally robust. The gym emphasizes the synthesis of various martial art forms, ensuring its fighters are well-rounded and equipped to handle any challenge thrown their way. This holistic approach to training has reaped dividends, as seen in the professional circuits where the gym’s alumni have showcased their mettle.

One cannot talk about Perth’s MMA without mentioning the renowned fighters who have graced its mats. Fighters such as Soa Palelei, a notable heavyweight with several UFC appearances under his belt, have trained at Perth’s MMA. Palelei’s bone-crushing power and ground game showcase the elite training standards upheld by the gym.

#9 Lion’s High Performance Centre

Located in Adelaide, Lion’s High Performance Centre stands as a testament to what dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence can achieve. This gym has rapidly ascended the ranks to establish itself as a dominant force in Australia’s MMA circuit.

At the core of Lion’s High Performance Centre lies its undying philosophy: to push limits, break barriers, and consistently elevate performance standards. The gym’s approach isn’t just about honing a fighter’s physical attributes; it’s about cultivating a champion’s mindset, a mental fortitude that differentiates the great from the good.

The training regimen at Lion’s High Performance Centre is overseen by a team of seasoned professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience from varied martial arts backgrounds. Their collective wisdom and the state-of-the-art training facilities make the centre a hotbed for emerging MMA talents in Australia.

Speaking of talent, the gym has been instrumental in moulding some of the most promising fighters in recent times. The likes of Artem Sitenkov, known for his grappling prowess and having notable wins in the European circuit, have trained at the Lion’s High Performance Centre, underlining the gym’s pedigree in churning out world-class fighters.

#10 Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA)

Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts, popularly known as SPMA, stands as a shining beacon in Sydney’s bustling MMA landscape. The brainchild of UFC legends Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh, SPMA has become synonymous with excellence in martial arts training in Australia. A walk through its doors reveals a world where traditional martial arts values blend seamlessly with cutting-edge training methodologies. The expansive training areas, adorned with world-class equipment, echo with the sounds of dedication and hard work.

Every corner of SPMA tells a tale of its rich legacy, a history that’s been crafted by the sweat and determination of its founders and its students. With a curriculum spanning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, and more, the academy caters to individuals across all skill levels – from novices taking their first steps in martial arts to seasoned fighters refining their techniques for the global stage. Fighters such as Elvis Sinosic , celebrated for his prowess in the Octagon, and Anthony Perosh, renowned for his grappling genius, have both trained and mentored at SPMA. Their experiences and teachings have transformed it into an institution, where the future of Australian MMA is being forged.


Australia’s rise in the MMA realm isn’t merely a trend but a testament to the nation’s undying spirit and passion for combat sports. As we’ve navigated through the top echelons of Australian MMA gyms, it’s evident that the country is on the brink of establishing itself as a global MMA powerhouse. 

And while the gyms form the backbone, platforms like Spartacus are the lifeblood, offering an all-encompassing ecosystem for combat sports. Spartacus, with its innovative app, provides enthusiasts, both fighters and fans, a realm where they can access live TV, exclusive PPVs, and engaging ‘kicks’ content. The fusion of TikTok-esque engagement with combat sports brings a fresh perspective, making Spartacus not just a platform, but an MMA revolution. Whether you’re a budding fighter seeking tips or a fan eager to dive deep into the world of combat sports, Spartacus stands as a beacon, illuminating the future of MMA in Australia and beyond.


How has Australia’s relationship with MMA evolved over recent years?

Australia’s relationship with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has flourished in recent years. Initially met with skepticism and often misunderstood, the sport has now gained mainstream acceptance, thanks in part to the rise of prominent Australian fighters on the global stage. Australia has hosted numerous high-profile UFC events, with cities like Melbourne and Sydney being significant stops on the UFC calendar. Moreover, the growth of local promotions and the establishment of world-class MMA gyms have further entrenched MMA’s place in Australian sports culture.

What are the top MMA gyms in Australia?

Australia boasts several elite MMA gyms, including:

  • City Kickboxing
  • Australian Top Team
  • Absolute MMA
  • Integrated MMA
  • VT1 Academy
  • PUMMA (Puma Muay Thai & MMA)
  • Perth’s MMA
  • Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA)

What sets City Kickboxing apart from other MMA gyms in Australia?

City Kickboxing, based in Auckland, New Zealand, has gained significant recognition due to its high-caliber fighters and innovative training techniques. While technically not in Australia, its influence spills over. The gym’s success in producing top-level UFC contenders and champions, such as Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski, sets it apart. Their coaches emphasize striking precision, game planning, and adaptability, resulting in fighters who are both technically sound and versatile.

How have Australian Top Team fighters contributed to the MMA scene globally?

Australian Top Team fighters have showcased their skills on international platforms, notably the UFC. Their fighters have demonstrated high-level grappling, striking, and fight IQ. By competing at elite levels and often securing wins against global talents, they have cemented Australia’s reputation as a formidable force in the MMA world.

What is the training philosophy of Absolute MMA?

Absolute MMA emphasizes a well-rounded martial arts education, ensuring fighters excel in all facets of combat. Their approach combines traditional martial arts values with modern training methodologies. They offer classes in various disciplines such as BJJ, Muay Thai, and Wrestling, ensuring their fighters are versatile and prepared for any challenge.

How does Integrated MMA focus on the connection between mind, body, and soul in their training regimen?

Integrated MMA believes in the holistic development of a fighter. Beyond just physical prowess, they focus on mental fortitude, discipline, and spiritual growth. Through meditation, visualization exercises, and fostering a supportive community, they ensure fighters are mentally resilient and emotionally balanced.

What makes VT1 Academy’s approach to martial arts comprehensive?

VT1 Academy offers a wide array of martial arts disciplines, from BJJ to Muay Thai to Boxing. Their comprehensive approach ensures that students gain proficiency in multiple arts, making them adaptable fighters. The curriculum is built on fostering both technical expertise and a deep understanding of the principles behind each discipline.

How does PUMMA’s training go beyond just physical techniques and strategies?

PUMMA emphasizes the martial artist’s journey, not just the fighter’s. They incorporate lessons on respect, discipline, and honor into their training. By ensuring students understand the deeper philosophies of martial arts, they produce fighters who are both technically sound and ethically grounded.

Which notable fighters have trained at Perth’s MMA?

Perth’s MMA has been a hub for many aspiring fighters. While specific fighters might come and go, the gym has consistently produced talents that have competed in both national and international promotions. To get a current list of notable fighters, one would need to check the latest roster or the gym’s recent achievements.

What legacy and training does Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA) offer in the MMA landscape of Sydney?

Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts (SPMA) carries the legacy of its founders, Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh, both of whom have competed at the highest levels in the UFC. SPMA offers a blend of BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA training, emphasizing both technical mastery and the martial arts spirit. Their rich history and dedication to excellence make them a standout institution in Sydney’s MMA landscape.

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