Boxing and the Big Apple: NYC’s Elite Training Grounds

October 18, 2023
From: Spartacus
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New York City, with its pulsating heartbeat and its iconic skyline, has always been a hub of various cultures, passions, and pursuits. Among these, the sweet science of boxing stands out, having carved a unique niche in the city’s rich tapestry of history and culture.

From the echoing sounds of gloves meeting bags in dimly lit basements to the roaring crowds in Madison Square Garden, boxing has been an integral part of New York’s soul. The city has seen the rise and fall of countless champions, and its gyms have served as the crucibles where dreams of glory were forged and tested. 

This article delves into the top boxing gyms of New York City, exploring the ethos, the heritage, and the champions that each of these institutions has produced. As the combat sports landscape evolves, platforms like Spartacus are ensuring that fans and fighters are always in the loop, offering a plethora of content from live events to expert insights. Join us as we journey through the lanes of New York, knocking on the doors of its most esteemed boxing gyms.

Gleason’s Gym

Gleason’s Gym, established in 1937, stands as a testament to the rich boxing history that has unfolded within its walls. This storied institution’s foundational philosophy is a complex blend of traditional boxing ethos intertwined with the spirit of New York City — perseverance in the face of adversity, unwavering dedication to one’s craft, and the belief that through hard work, anyone can achieve greatness.

Its diverse roster of trainers, each bringing their distinct experience and perspective to the ring, offers trainees a well-rounded understanding of the sport. Each trainer ensures that fighters grasp the intricacies of boxing, from the importance of footwork and defense to mastering power punches and maintaining peak physical condition.

The gym’s infrastructure is vast, featuring a myriad of boxing bags suitable for different types of training, an expansive ring that has witnessed countless sparring sessions, weight training areas for building strength, and cardio machines that aid in enhancing a boxer’s stamina.

Furthermore, its walls have been privy to the training regimens of some of boxing’s most iconic figures. Legends like Muhammad AliJake LaMottaRoberto Duran, and Mike Tyson have sharpened their skills at Gleason’s. This legacy continues as the gym continues to attract not just up-and-coming fighters but also enthusiasts and professionals who recognize the unmatched aura and expertise the gym provides.

Mendez Boxing

Nestled in the vibrant Flatiron district, Mendez Boxing is not just a boxing gym but a symbol of modern boxing excellence in the heart of New York City. Its core principles revolve around discipline, an unwavering commitment to the sport, and fostering a cohesive community atmosphere. This focus on community ensures that everyone, from novices to seasoned professionals, feels at home, respected, and valued.

The coaching methodology at Mendez is holistic. It goes beyond just the physical aspects of boxing, delving into the mental and strategic components of the sport. Trainers emphasize mastering the basics, believing that a solid foundation is pivotal for advanced techniques. They prioritize proper form, rhythm, and timing, ensuring that fighters build their skills on a robust base, which will serve them well in the ring. Adapting to individual fighters’ needs is a hallmark of the Mendez training approach, with trainers often modifying techniques and training regimens to suit a particular fighter’s strengths and areas of improvement.

The facility itself is a marvel, replete with state-of-the-art equipment. From diverse boxing bags tailored for different training needs to a spacious, well-maintained ring for intense sparring sessions, Mendez offers it all. It also boasts weight training sections and cardio areas, ensuring that fighters have a comprehensive training experience.

Church Street Boxing Gym

Church Street Boxing Gym has managed to carve a niche in the bustling heart of Manhattan by harmoniously merging the raw, old-school grit of boxing with the sophisticated demands of New York’s urbanites. The gym’s foundational philosophy is underpinned by the belief that boxing is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life that teaches discipline, resilience, and dedication. The gym’s ethos resonates with the idea that every punch thrown and every bead of sweat shed is a step closer to self-improvement, both physically and mentally.

The coaching methodologies at Church Street are deeply rooted in traditional boxing techniques while being receptive to modern training paradigms. Trainers here place a significant emphasis on foundational skills, ensuring that every trainee, regardless of their level, has a strong grasp of the basics. They believe in customizing training regimens to align with individual goals, whether it’s for professional fighting, self-defense, or fitness. Their hands-on approach ensures that trainees get personal attention, enabling them to refine their techniques continually.

In terms of equipment, Church Street Boxing Gym is second to none. The facility is decked out with an assortment of boxing bags designed for varied training needs, a full-sized ring that has been the battleground for numerous sparring sessions, and an array of strength and conditioning equipment. This allows trainees to complement their boxing routines with weight training and cardio exercises, ensuring a holistic training experience.

Trinity Boxing Club

Trinity Boxing Club has carved its unique identity amidst the skyscrapers of New York’s financial district. The gym’s foundational philosophy is rooted in the belief that boxing is an excellent equalizer. In the ring, titles, professions, and backgrounds fall away, leaving behind only skill, grit, and determination. Trinity embodies this ethos, creating an environment where Wall Street professionals and dedicated fighters alike can shed their daily personas and immerse themselves in the art of boxing.

The coaching methodologies at Trinity emphasize the significance of individual growth and personal challenge. The trainers recognize that every person steps into the gym with different motivations — some to learn the art of boxing, some to stay fit, and others to find a refuge from the high-pressure environment of Wall Street. As such, training regimens are tailored to cater to individual needs. Fundamental boxing techniques are taught with a keen eye on precision and form, ensuring that even the busiest professional can grasp the basics and progressively build on them.

Trinity Boxing Club is well-equipped to cater to its diverse 

clientele. The gym features an array of punching bags, suitable for various drills and techniques. A boxing ring stands as the centerpiece, allowing for sparring sessions and technique refinement. Additionally, the gym houses a range of conditioning equipment to facilitate comprehensive workouts that complement boxing training.

Overthrow New York Boxing Club

Overthrow New York Boxing Club finds its home on Bleecker Street, exuding an energy that marries the traditional grit of boxing with the contemporary zest of fitness culture. The gym’s foundational philosophy is built on the idea that boxing can be both a rigorous sport and an empowering fitness routine. Overthrow believes in the transformative power of boxing, asserting that it can instill confidence, resilience, and strength in anyone willing to put on the gloves.

Overthrow’s coaching methodologies strike a balance between traditional boxing training and modern fitness-centric classes. While the gym offers sessions that focus purely on boxing techniques, strategy, and sparring, it also provides classes that merge boxing with high-intensity interval training, ensuring a full-body workout. This dual approach makes Overthrow appealing to both boxing purists and fitness enthusiasts.

In terms of equipment, Overthrow is a haven for boxers and fitness aficionados. Along with an assortment of punching bags tailored for different training needs, the gym boasts a boxing ring for sparring and technique sessions. To cater to its fitness-centric classes, the facility is also equipped with a plethora of conditioning equipment, ensuring that members can vary their workouts and target different muscle groups.


Shadowbox stands as an emblem of modern boxing’s evolution, reflecting the shift from a purely combative sport to an all-encompassing fitness regimen. The gym’s foundational philosophy is rooted in the idea that boxing, at its core, is a dynamic form of exercise that promotes cardiovascular health, strength, and agility. While it does embrace the fitness dimension of boxing, the essence of the sport — discipline, tenacity, and focus — remains integral to its approach.

Coaching methodologies at Shadowbox are structured around high-intensity training sessions, which aim to provide both a vigorous workout and an understanding of boxing techniques. Classes are often characterized by rapid transitions between shadowboxing, heavy bag work, and bodyweight exercises. By integrating these elements, Shadowbox ensures that participants not only burn calories but also acquire genuine boxing skills, albeit in a more fitness-oriented environment.

Shadowbox’s facilities are meticulously designed to cater to its high-octane training sessions. The gym features an array of heavy bags, each positioned to allow participants ample space to maneuver and execute combinations. Additionally, the space is outfitted with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, creating an immersive atmosphere that further elevates the training experience. Conditioning equipment, vital for the gym’s holistic workout approach, is also readily available.

SouthBox by Eric Kelly

SouthBox by Eric Kelly carries the legacy of its founder, former Olympian boxer Eric Kelly, encapsulating his passion, knowledge, and commitment to the sport. The gym’s foundational philosophy is hinged on the belief that every individual, regardless of their background or experience, deserves access to elite-level boxing training. Kelly’s personal journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, resonates in the gym’s ethos, emphasizing resilience, dedication, and self-improvement.

Eric Kelly’s personal touch is evident in the coaching methodologies employed at SouthBox. Training sessions, while rigorous, are interspersed with moments of mentorship and guidance. Fundamental boxing techniques are imparted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every student grasps the nuances of footwork, punches, and defense. SouthBox’s approach is holistic, focusing not only on physical prowess but also on mental fortitude, strategy, and ring IQ.

The equipment at SouthBox reflects its commitment to top-tier training. A well-maintained boxing ring allows for sparring and advanced training. Heavy bags, speed bags, and double-end bags cater to varied training needs, from power punching to reflex development. The gym also boasts conditioning equipment to ensure that trainees develop the stamina and endurance crucial for boxing.

Given Eric Kelly’s reputation in the boxing world, SouthBox has naturally attracted many aspiring fighters and enthusiasts. Under Kelly’s guidance, SouthBox stands as a beacon for those seeking authentic, world-class boxing training in New York.

Work Train Fight

Work Train Fight is an embodiment of a holistic approach to boxing. The gym’s foundational philosophy is about striking a balance between fitness and traditional boxing, ensuring that individuals receive a thorough workout while also honing authentic boxing techniques. In a world where fitness and combat sports often exist in separate realms, Work Train Fight seamlessly marries the two.

The coaching methodologies at Work Train Fight are multifaceted, catering to both the fitness enthusiast and the budding boxer. For those leaning towards fitness, the gym offers classes that blend high-intensity interval training with boxing drills, ensuring participants achieve a comprehensive workout that targets strength, endurance, and technique. However, for individuals inclined towards traditional boxing, the gym provides rigorous training sessions that delve deep into the sport’s intricacies, from mastering footwork and punch combinations to strategic sparring sessions.

Equipment at Work Train Fight is versatile, mirroring its diverse training approach. There’s an array of heavy bags tailored for both power workouts and technical drills. The gym also features a boxing ring for sparring and advanced training sessions. Additionally, a variety of strength and conditioning equipment, like kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands, cater to the gym’s fitness-centric classes.

Sweatbox Brooklyn

Located in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, Sweatbox has emerged as a distinguished name in the boxing realm of New York City. With its primary focus on merging traditional boxing instruction with modern fitness training, the gym caters to a diverse group of members, from novices to professional fighters.

The underlying philosophy of Sweatbox Brooklyn revolves around the belief that boxing is more than just a combat sport; it is a way of life. The gym emphasizes holistic development, instilling discipline, respect, and commitment in its members, all while fostering a sense of community. The blend of traditional boxing techniques with a contemporary fitness regimen reflects Sweatbox’s mission to cultivate both the mind and body.

Sweatbox’s coaching staff brings a wealth of experience, having trained in various boxing disciplines and techniques. Their approach is twofold: they provide rigorous technical training while ensuring that members also receive a robust physical workout. This duality ensures that individuals not only hone their boxing skills but also achieve their fitness goals. Coaches at Sweatbox emphasize a strong foundational understanding of boxing, ensuring that novices grasp the basics before progressing to more advanced techniques.

Sweatbox boasts state-of-the-art facilities, essential for comprehensive training. Members have access to a range of equipment, including heavy bags, speed bags, double-end bags, and a full-sized boxing ring. Additionally, the gym offers strength and conditioning tools such as free weights, resistance bands, and cardiovascular equipment to complement boxing workouts.


Rumble represents the modern evolution of boxing as a form of high-octane fitness. Though its foundational philosophy leans more towards fitness than traditional boxing, Rumble encapsulates the essence of the sport — the rhythm, the intensity, and the discipline — and channels it into a workout regimen that’s both exhilarating and effective.

Rumble’s coaching methodologies are built around boxing-inspired fitness classes. These sessions are structured as high-energy bouts, alternating between boxing combinations on water-filled training bags and strength training on the floor, using weights and bodyweight exercises. The emphasis is on providing a full-body workout while introducing participants to the basics of boxing techniques. The pulsating music and the club-like atmosphere further elevate the training experience, making it feel less like a workout and more like a party.

The equipment at Rumble is tailored for its unique approach to fitness. The water-filled training bags, a distinctive feature, provide resistance similar to hitting a real opponent, ensuring that participants get an authentic feel of boxing punches. Additionally, the gym is equipped with a range of weights and resistance equipment to facilitate the strength training segments of the classes.

While Rumble’s primary focus is fitness, its dedication to integrating authentic boxing elements ensures participants get a taste of the sweet science in every session.


Boxing, in many ways, mirrors the spirit of New York City – resilient, passionate, and undying. From the historical gyms that have witnessed legends being molded to the modern establishments fostering the champions of tomorrow, NYC’s boxing scene remains as vibrant as ever. As the world of combat sports continues to grow and evolve, platforms like Spartacus are playing a pivotal role in bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. With its comprehensive offerings, from live broadcasts to enlightening blogs, Spartacus is a testament to the ever-growing enthusiasm and passion for combat sports. 

Whether you’re a seasoned fighter looking for tips or a fan eager for the latest news, Spartacus ensures the world of combat sports is always at your fingertips. In the heart of New York City, where the boxing legacy thrives, Spartacus stands as a beacon for all combat sports aficionados, ensuring that the tales of sweat, blood, and glory never fade away.


Why is New York City considered a significant hub for boxing?

New York City is historically intertwined with the world of boxing. The city’s dense urban fabric, diverse immigrant populations, and its narrative of hustle and determination have made it a crucible for fighters seeking to prove themselves. Iconic venues like Madison Square Garden have hosted countless legendary bouts, amplifying NYC’s stature in the boxing world. The city’s melting pot dynamic fostered various fighting styles, tactics, and techniques, blending them into a unique boxing culture.

What are some key features of Gleason’s Gym that set it apart?

Gleason’s Gym, with its storied past since 1937, is more than just a training facility; it’s a living testament to boxing history. The gym has seen countless world champions train within its walls, and its ambiance reverberates with stories of past glories. Its commitment to providing an authentic boxing environment, coupled with state-of-the-art training facilities and seasoned coaches, makes it a unique destination for both novices and professionals.

How does Mendez Boxing emphasize community in its training approach?

Mendez Boxing doesn’t just train fighters; it cultivates a family. The gym believes in fostering a sense of belonging, where every member, regardless of their skill level, feels valued and integrated. Group sessions, community events, and an inclusive training approach ensure that individuals don’t just come to train but also to connect and grow together.

What makes Church Street Boxing Gym blend traditional boxing with modern demands?

While deeply rooted in boxing’s rich traditions, Church Street Boxing Gym recognizes the evolving nature of modern fitness demands. Hence, while they emphasize mastering the time-tested techniques of boxing, they also integrate contemporary workout regimens, ensuring members achieve holistic fitness goals alongside honing their boxing skills.

How does Trinity Boxing Club relate boxing to the world of Wall Street professionals?

Located in the heart of the Financial District, Trinity Boxing Club cleverly draws parallels between the demanding world of finance and the discipline of boxing. It promotes boxing as a means to cope with the high-stress environment of Wall Street, emphasizing mental fortitude, strategic thinking, and the importance of preparation — qualities essential both in the ring and the boardroom.

How does Overthrow New York Boxing Club combine boxing with modern fitness culture?

Overthrow not only teaches boxing but captures the essence of modern urban culture. They offer traditional boxing training infused with high-energy, fitness-centric classes. Their edgy, counter-culture brand identity, combined with boxing workouts, provides an experience that resonates with the vibrant youth and urbanites of the city.

What is Shadowbox’s approach to merging fitness with traditional boxing?

Shadowbox reimagines boxing as an exhilarating fitness experience. While the gym incorporates foundational boxing techniques, it places a significant emphasis on high-intensity workouts. Classes are designed to cater to both fitness enthusiasts looking for a challenging workout and those interested in the sweet science of boxing.

How does SouthBox by Eric Kelly differ in its coaching methodology due to its founder’s legacy?

Having been founded by a former Olympian boxer, SouthBox carries the weight of Eric Kelly’s legacy. Kelly’s experiences, insights, and knowledge profoundly influence the gym’s coaching methodologies. Training at SouthBox is characterized by meticulous attention to technique, combined with the drive and spirit that’s expected of champions.

What distinguishes Sweatbox Brooklyn in the realm of boxing in New York City?

Sweatbox Brooklyn stands out with its holistic approach to boxing. It merges traditional boxing instruction with modern fitness training, ensuring that members not only master the art of boxing but also achieve comprehensive physical fitness. The gym’s dedication to community, discipline, and respect sets it apart in NYC’s bustling boxing scene.

How does Rumble’s fitness approach incorporate elements of traditional boxing?

Rumble has redefined boxing for the fitness-savvy urbanite. While it retains elements of traditional boxing, its classes are designed as high-energy, full-body workouts. With heart-pounding music, energetic instructors, and a club-like atmosphere, Rumble ensures that members get a taste of boxing in a format that aligns with modern fitness trends.

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