Battle Grounds of Manila: Boxing Gyms That Echo with Legends

November 3, 2023
From: Spartacus
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Amidst the echoing sounds of punches, the rhythmic dance of footwork, and the palpable energy of ambition, Manila stands as a beacon for boxing enthusiasts around the world. This vibrant city, with its rich history and passionate spirit, has birthed champions, nurtured talents, and fostered a boxing culture that resonates on a global stage.

Manila’s tapestry of boxing lore is interwoven with sweat, determination, and an unyielding pursuit of glory. This article embarks on a journey through the city’s narrow streets and bustling avenues to uncover the crème de la crème of boxing gyms that have played pivotal roles in shaping this illustrious narrative. 

As we delve deep into the boxing sanctuaries of Manila, we aim to shed light on their foundational philosophies, distinct coaching methodologies, and the renowned fighters they’ve moulded. Whether you’re an enthusiast, an amateur, or a professional, understanding the roots and nuances of Manila’s boxing culture is paramount.

Elorde Boxing Gym

Founded on the ideals and principles of the legendary Filipino boxer, Gabriel “Flash” Elorde, Elorde Boxing Gym stands as an emblem of boxing excellence in the Philippines. At its core, the gym’s philosophy revolves around the spirit of perseverance, discipline, and the unyielding pursuit of greatness – principles that Flash Elorde embodied throughout his illustrious career.

The coaching methodologies at Elorde are deeply rooted in traditional Filipino boxing techniques, with an emphasis on building a strong foundation. Here, technical prowess is as much a priority as physical conditioning. The trainers, many of whom have a rich boxing background, prioritize individual attention. They believe in identifying and enhancing the unique strengths of each boxer while systematically addressing their weaknesses. This personalized approach ensures that every boxer, novice or professional, receives training tailored to their specific needs and potential.

The Elorde Boxing Gym is equipped with a range of training tools designed to cater to the holistic development of a boxer. From heavy bags, speed balls, and double end bags to a well-maintained boxing ring for sparring sessions, the gym ensures that trainees have access to top-notch equipment. This infrastructure, combined with a training regimen that emphasizes stamina, agility, and technique, makes Elorde a sought-after destination for aspiring boxers.

The legacy of Flash Elorde is not just confined to the walls of the gym but is carried forward by his family members. While Flash trained in older facilities, his influence and teachings continue to inspire the newer generations. Several members of the Elorde family are actively involved in boxing, ensuring that the legend’s spirit and techniques are passed on faithfully.

ALA Boxing Gym

Though primarily based in Cebu, the ALA Boxing Gym’s influence transcends regional boundaries, making its mark across the Philippines, including Manila. The foundational philosophy of ALA stems from a commitment to excellence and a dedication to nurturing talent. This gym doesn’t just aim to produce boxers; it endeavors to craft legends.

One of ALA’s distinct coaching methodologies is its blend of traditional and contemporary boxing techniques. Recognizing the evolving nature of the sport, trainers at ALA ensure that while the foundational principles remain intact, boxers are also equipped with modern strategies to face global opponents. Such an approach prepares the boxers to adapt and respond effectively, regardless of their adversary’s style.

ALA Boxing Gym boasts a plethora of state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that its boxers have everything they need for comprehensive training. From an array of punching bags catering to different training aspects, to advanced cardiovascular training equipment, and a professional-grade boxing ring, the gym provides a conducive environment for mastering the art of boxing.

The gym’s reputation is further solidified by the prominent fighters who have trained or continue to train there. Donnie Nietes, a name synonymous with boxing greatness in the Philippines, honed his skills at ALA. His accomplishments in the boxing world are a testament to the quality of training at the gym. Other notable fighters like Milan Melindo and Mark Magsayo, who have made significant marks on the international stage, are shining examples of ALA’s commitment to producing world-class talent. Their successes stand as a testament to the gym’s unparalleled training regimen and its dedication to the sport.

Empire Boxing Gym

Empire Boxing Gym has firmly established its footing in the boxing landscape of Manila. Built on a foundational philosophy that revolves around empowerment and transformation, this gym seeks not just to craft fighters, but to instill in them a sense of purpose and confidence. The gym operates on the belief that boxing is not just a sport, but a life lesson – teaching discipline, resilience, and the art of overcoming obstacles.

Empire Boxing’s coaching methodologies are deeply entrenched in maximizing a boxer’s potential. Their techniques are a blend of the traditional and the modern, ensuring that while the basic principles of boxing remain, the evolving nature of the sport is also embraced. This ensures that fighters are well-prepared to face a diverse range of opponents, both in style and strategy. Furthermore, the trainers here maintain a balance between physical conditioning and technique mastery, making sure that fighters are not just strong, but also skilled.

When it comes to equipment, Empire Boxing Gym leaves no stone unturned. It is equipped with everything from heavy bags, designed to improve power and form, to speed balls that enhance agility and timing. A dedicated sparring area ensures that fighters get ample practice in real combat scenarios, honing their skills and strategy.

Hardstone Monis Boxing Gym 

Hardstone Monis Boxing Gym stands as a testament to resilience and relentless dedication to the sport of boxing. Rooted in the belief that raw talent, when sculpted with dedication and discipline, can rise to greatness, the gym’s foundational philosophy is centered on perseverance and hard work. This gym prides itself on shaping not just athletes but individuals who embody the spirit of boxing, both inside and outside the ring.

The distinct coaching methodologies at Hardstone are all about pushing one’s limits. The trainers believe in a meticulous regimen, starting from the basics and gradually upscaling the intensity and complexity of training routines. The techniques taught are a balance of traditional boxing moves, fused with modern strategies that adapt to the evolving nature of competitive boxing.

The equipment within Hardstone Monis Boxing Gym is geared towards enhancing a boxer’s strength, agility, and technique. From heavy bags that test and improve power punches to speed balls for quick reflexes and agility, the gym is a haven for those serious about their training. A dedicated area for sparring ensures that trainees get a taste of real-match situations, which is essential for holistic training.

YAW-YAN Ardigma Cebu

In the bustling city of Cebu lies YAW-YAN Ardigma, a sanctuary for martial artists. The gym’s name “Yaw-Yan” is derived from the phrase “Sayaw ng Kamatayan,” which translates to “Dance of Death,” emphasizing its deep-rooted philosophy of blending the fluidity of dance with the lethal strikes of martial arts. YAW-YAN Ardigma embraces a holistic approach, fostering not just physical prowess, but also cultivating mental agility and spiritual balance.

The coaching methodologies at YAW-YAN Ardigma are an intricate blend of traditional Filipino martial arts, combined with elements of boxing and other combat sports. The gym’s trainers emphasize the importance of mastering the basics, allowing fighters to build a solid foundation. From there, they progressively introduce advanced techniques, ensuring each fighter’s growth is both steady and holistic. This incremental approach allows its trainees to be versatile, capable of handling opponents from various martial arts disciplines, including boxing.

Equipment-wise, YAW-YAN Ardigma is well-equipped to cater to the diverse training needs of its fighters. Alongside traditional boxing equipment such as punching bags and sparring rings, the gym also houses training gear pertinent to martial arts, ensuring its fighters are adept in both arenas.

Bulldog Gym Manila

Nestled in the heart of Manila, Bulldog Gym stands as a testament to the spirit of combat sports. Drawing inspiration from the relentless nature of the bulldog, the gym’s philosophy revolves around tenacity, resilience, and an unwavering will to succeed. At Bulldog Gym, the belief is clear: with the right mix of dedication and guidance, any individual can transcend their limits.

Coaching at Bulldog Gym is eclectic, integrating elements from Muay Thai, MMA, and boxing. Trainers here understand the nuances of each discipline and adopt a cross-training approach. This means that while a fighter might primarily focus on Muay Thai, they are also introduced to boxing techniques, making them versatile and unpredictable in the ring.

Bulldog Gym boasts an array of equipment designed to cater to the multifaceted training routines it offers. Alongside traditional boxing gear, the gym is replete with Muay Thai pads, MMA cages, and other essential training tools. This ensures that fighters have everything they need to hone their skills, regardless of their primary discipline.

Maic’s Gym

In the panorama of Manila’s boxing landscape, Maic’s Gym emerges as a modern beacon for budding talents. The foundational philosophy of Maic’s Gym revolves around the notion that with the right guidance, discipline, and state-of-the-art facilities, any aspirant can rise to national prominence. The gym believes in nurturing raw talent and transforming it into refined skill, ready to face the challenges of the boxing world.

When it comes to coaching methodologies, Maic’s Gym seamlessly blends traditional boxing techniques with modern training paradigms. The trainers here possess a profound understanding of the sport’s intricacies and employ a holistic approach. From teaching the rudimentary jabs and hooks to advanced footwork and tactics, Maic’s Gym ensures its trainees are well-rounded and ready for any opponent.

The gym prides itself on its modern facilities. Maic’s Gym houses an array of equipment that caters to every aspect of a boxer’s regimen. From heavy bags and speed bags to advanced training tools that monitor a fighter’s reflexes and agility, everything is at the trainee’s disposal.

Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk

Set amidst the bustling heart of Manila, Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk carves out its niche not just as a sanctuary for mixed martial artists, but also as a haven for boxers. The gym’s core philosophy centers on the idea that combat sports, regardless of their distinct disciplines, share foundational principles. By understanding and mastering these principles, fighters can become more versatile and formidable.

The coaching techniques at Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk are comprehensive. While the primary focus may be on mixed martial arts, the trainers recognize the importance of boxing in the repertoire of any combat athlete. Thus, they ensure that those who train here, even if their primary discipline isn’t boxing, are introduced to its techniques, strategies, and ethos. This cross-disciplinary approach is what sets the gym apart.

As for equipment, Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk is a treasure trove. The facility boasts a plethora of training tools, from standard boxing rings and bags to MMA cages and grappling mats. This diverse range of equipment ensures that every fighter, irrespective of their primary discipline, has what they need to succeed.


Manila’s boxing gyms are more than mere training facilities. They are hallowed grounds where dreams are birthed, skills are honed, and champions are made. The city’s deep-rooted boxing culture, enriched by these gyms, stands as a testament to Manila’s unwavering dedication to the sport.

As the modern age of combat sports unfolds, platforms like Spartacus play an indispensable role in bridging the gap between tradition and innovation. With its comprehensive app, offering everything from live TV and PPVs to insightful news and tips, Spartacus emerges as a beacon for both fans and fighters. Just as Manila’s boxing gyms are essential in sculpting fighters’ careers, Spartacus is pivotal in championing their journeys. As we celebrate the legacy and promise of Manila’s boxing culture, we acknowledge the seamless blend of tradition, passion, and modernity that makes it truly unparalleled.


What makes Manila a hub for boxing enthusiasts worldwide?

Manila, with its pulsating energy and unparalleled passion for boxing, has become a lighthouse for boxing enthusiasts globally. The city reverberates with the sounds of punches, the elegance of footwork, and a fervor for the sport that’s palpable in its atmosphere. Its gyms have birthed champions, nurtured prodigious talents, and built a boxing culture that resonates on an international stage, making it a go-to destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in authentic boxing heritage.

How has the city of Manila contributed to the global boxing narrative?

Manila’s contribution is intricately woven into the tapestry of global boxing lore. The city has not only produced world-class fighters who’ve competed on the global stage but has also nurtured a distinctive boxing culture rooted in its history, determination, and an unyielding pursuit of glory. By fostering talents that have risen to global prominence, Manila has etched its name into the annals of boxing history.

What principles did Gabriel “Flash” Elorde emphasize in his boxing career?

Gabriel “Flash” Elorde, a legendary figure in Filipino boxing, ardently believed in and emphasized principles like perseverance, discipline, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. These tenets weren’t just abstract ideas but were embodied in his fighting style, training regimen, and overall approach to the sport. His illustrious career stood as a testament to these values, setting a gold standard for aspiring boxers.

How does the coaching style at Elorde Boxing Gym differ from modern boxing techniques?

Elorde Boxing Gym, deeply inspired by Flash Elorde’s legacy, prioritizes traditional Filipino boxing techniques. While they do incorporate some modern methodologies, there’s a profound emphasis on building a solid foundational base. Technical prowess is championed as much as physical conditioning. Their approach ensures that every boxer, whether novice or professional, receives training that highlights the essence of boxing as Flash Elorde envisioned it.

What role does the Elorde family play in the contemporary boxing scene of Manila?

The legacy of Flash Elorde transcends time, carried forward ardently by the Elorde family. While the legend himself trained in older facilities, his influence, teachings, and ethos continue to inspire newer generations. Various members of the Elorde family remain actively involved in boxing, ensuring that his spirit, techniques, and values remain an integral part of Manila’s boxing fabric.

How does ALA Boxing Gym balance traditional boxing techniques with modern strategies?

ALA Boxing Gym, acknowledging the evolving nature of boxing, has developed a unique coaching methodology. They ensure that while foundational principles are held sacrosanct, boxers are also armed with contemporary strategies to face global opponents. Such a dual approach allows their fighters to be deeply rooted in tradition while being agile enough to navigate the dynamic world of modern boxing.

Why is Empire Boxing Gym considered unique in terms of its foundational philosophy?

Empire Boxing Gym stands out because of its philosophy that centers on empowerment and transformation. It perceives boxing not merely as a sport but as a lesson in life – emphasizing discipline, resilience, and the art of surmounting challenges. This ethos extends beyond the ring, influencing fighters’ outlook towards life, making their approach to boxing holistic and profound.

What is the significance of the name “Yaw-Yan” for the YAW-YAN Ardigma gym in Cebu?

The term “Yaw-Yan,” derived from “Sayaw ng Kamatayan,” translates to “Dance of Death.” This powerful nomenclature underscores the gym’s philosophy of fusing the grace and fluidity of dance with the lethal precision of martial arts. YAW-YAN Ardigma champions this blend, creating a form that’s both artful and formidable, echoing the essence of traditional Filipino martial prowess.

How does Maic’s Gym utilize modern facilities to train its fighters?

Maic’s Gym is a beacon of modernity in Manila’s boxing landscape. It proudly showcases state-of-the-art facilities that encompass every facet of a boxer’s regimen. From traditional equipment like heavy bags and speed bags to avant-garde training tools that monitor reflexes and agility, Maic’s Gym ensures its trainees have access to cutting-edge technology, aiding their journey from raw talent to refined boxing artisans.

Does Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk only cater to MMA fighters or do they train boxers as well?

While Ultimate Fitness Metrowalk might emanate vibes of a mixed martial arts sanctuary, its embrace is comprehensive. Recognizing the shared foundational principles across combat sports, the gym ensures that those training here, even if MMA is their primary discipline, are introduced to boxing techniques, strategies, and ethos. Thus, it serves as a holistic training ground, catering not just to MMA enthusiasts but to boxers as well.

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