Gloves Up in the City of Angels: Exploring LA’s Premier Boxing Hubs

October 16, 2023
From: Spartacus
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Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis best known for its Hollywood allure and iconic landmarks, harbors a deeply rooted, yet often overlooked, legacy: its contribution to the world of boxing. Amidst the bustling movie sets and the scenic coastlines lies a labyrinth of gyms, each echoing with tales of legends, trials, triumphs, and the indomitable spirit of fighters.

This city, with its mosaic of cultures and histories, has given birth to a boxing ethos that seamlessly blends the old-school grit with modern-day finesse. From traditional boxing gyms that have witnessed the sweat and toil of world champions to the contemporary establishments equipped with the latest training methodologies, Los Angeles is a melting pot of boxing traditions and innovations. 

This article seeks to guide you through the heartbeats of LA’s boxing scene, offering a panoramic view of its rich heritage, its current luminaries, and the future prospects shaping the next chapter in LA’s storied boxing annals.

Wild Card Boxing Club

Wild Card Boxing Club, tucked away in the heart of Hollywood, stands as an emblem of sheer dedication, hard work, and the transformative power of boxing. Its foundational philosophy is deeply intertwined with the principles of its renowned founder, Freddie Roach. Roach has always emphasized the importance of discipline, relentless training, and mastering the core tenets of boxing. This gym is not just about producing champions; it’s about refining skills, character-building, and creating a space where both newcomers and professionals can learn and grow.

The distinct coaching methodologies at Wild Card revolve around a mix of traditional boxing techniques and innovative training regimes. Roach, with his keen eye for detail, ensures that every trainee gets individual attention, focusing on their strengths and areas of improvement. Techniques are not just taught; they are ingrained, often with a blend of rigorous sparring sessions, technical drills, and strategy discussions.

Walking into the Wild Card Boxing Club, one is greeted with an array of boxing equipment, each designed to hone a specific skill set. From heavy bags, speed bags, and double-end bags to a well-maintained ring for sparring, the gym is equipped to cater to both the novice and the elite.

However, what truly sets this gym apart is the roster of champions and professionals who have trained under its roof. Manny Pacquiao, the legendary boxer and multiple-division world champion, is arguably the most famous trainee, with his association with Freddie Roach being one of the most celebrated trainer-boxer duos in the sport’s history.

City of Angels Boxing

City of Angels Boxing is more than just a gym; it’s an 

experience. Set against the backdrop of bustling Los Angeles, this establishment is a fusion of energy, passion, and the unwavering spirit of boxing. At its core, the foundational philosophy of City of Angels Boxing emphasizes empowerment. It’s a place where individuals come to empower themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually through the art of boxing.

The gym boasts a diverse coaching methodology. Catering to both fitness enthusiasts and professional boxers, the trainers here ensure that every class, be it a group session or one-on-one training, is dynamic and challenging. While professional boxers dive deep into strategy, footwork, and advanced techniques, fitness classes are designed to be high-energy, ensuring a rigorous workout while also imparting basic boxing skills.

In terms of equipment, City of Angels Boxing provides a comprehensive training environment. The vast space is filled with heavy bags, uppercut bags, and speed bags. There’s also a spacious ring for sparring and technique practice. The gym ensures that whether you’re there for fitness or professional training, the equipment caters to your needs.

While it may not have the long history of some other LA-based boxing gyms, its energetic environment and commitment to providing top-notch training have made it a sought-after destination for many aspiring boxers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The Rock Boxing Gym 

Situated amidst the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, The Rock Boxing Gym has etched its name as a premier destination for those serious about the sweet science. Its foundational philosophy rests on two pillars: dedication and technique. Every boxer, whether novice or seasoned, is inculcated with the belief that without unwavering dedication, even the most gifted will falter. Coupled with this is a strong emphasis on technique, ensuring that fighters are not just powerful but precise, agile, and smart.

The coaching methodologies at The Rock are tailored for rigor and intensity. Here, trainers believe that to mold a champion, one must be put through the paces, testing limits and then pushing them further. Technical drills are interwoven with high-intensity sparring sessions, ensuring that fighters are always in a state of learning and evolution. The gym’s reputation for producing talent isn’t accidental; it’s a result of meticulous planning, rigorous training schedules, and an environment that demands the best from every individual.

As for equipment, The Rock Boxing Gym is nothing short of a boxer’s paradise. From state-of-the-art heavy bags that absorb shocks to speed bags that enhance agility and reflexes, the gym is equipped to address every facet of a boxer’s training regimen. Additionally, a spacious and well-maintained ring serves as the arena where techniques are tested and honed.

Outlaws Boxing Gym

Nestled in Tarzana, Outlaws Boxing Gym is a testament to the rich tapestry of boxing culture in Los Angeles. With walls that whisper tales from yesteryears and floors that have seen sweat and blood, its foundational philosophy revolves around respect – respect for the sport, for the opponent, and for oneself. The gym stands as a beacon, reminding everyone that boxing is as much about character as it is about skill.

The coaching techniques at Outlaws are steeped in tradition. While it embraces modern training methodologies, there’s a strong emphasis on the timeless basics of boxing. Trainers at Outlaws have a keen eye for detail, and their sessions often revolve around perfecting a jab, understanding footwork, or mastering the art of defense. This harmonious blend of old-school wisdom with new-age techniques has made it a cherished spot for professionals.

In terms of equipment, Outlaws Boxing Gym is a blend of the classic and the contemporary. While you’ll find the traditional assortment of bags, mitts, and a boxing ring, there’s also an array of modern training aids designed to enhance stamina, strength, and speed.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu 

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, established by the innovative Eddie Bravo, is predominantly hailed for revolutionizing the Jiu Jitsu world with its no-gi approach. However, it isn’t just confined to Jiu Jitsu; the gym also offers boxing training, integrating it seamlessly with its core grappling teachings. The foundational philosophy of 10th Planet revolves around the constant evolution of techniques, ensuring that they’re applicable in real-world scenarios, be it in an MMA cage or self-defense situations.

When it comes to coaching methodologies, the gym’s boxing regimen borrows heavily from the overarching 10th Planet ethos – to be unorthodox, creative, and always ahead of the curve. The training is intense, with a keen focus on adapting boxing techniques to complement Jiu Jitsu moves. This creates a unique blend where students are not just adept punchers but also learn to use strikes to set up their grappling game.

The equipment at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is tailored to cater to this holistic approach to combat sports. Alongside the mats essential for Jiu Jitsu, you’ll find a collection of boxing gear – from bags to mitts and gloves. Every tool serves a purpose, ensuring that students can transition smoothly between boxing and grappling during their training.

While 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu has seen numerous MMA fighters and Jiu Jitsu practitioners walk through its doors, given its primary focus on grappling, the list of pure boxers might not be as extensive. However, Eddie Bravo‘s reputation means the gym attracts top-tier talent from various combat disciplines.

GFC (Glendale Fighting Club)

GFC, or Glendale Fighting Club, is often spotlighted because of its association with the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey. Situated in Glendale, California, GFC’s philosophy emphasizes a well-rounded approach to fighting, believing in equipping its trainees with a comprehensive skill set that spans both striking and grappling.

The coaching methodologies at GFC strike a balance between the aggressive, forward-moving style often seen in MMA and the finesse and technique associated with traditional boxing. Given its MMA roots, the boxing training here also places a heavy emphasis on integrating strikes with kicks, takedowns, and ground control. This multifaceted approach ensures fighters are prepared for any scenario inside the ring or cage.

In terms of equipment, GFC boasts a setup conducive to both MMA and boxing training. There’s a dedicated space with boxing rings, a variety of punching and kicking bags, mitts, and protective gear. Additionally, there are areas designed for grappling and MMA sparring, making it a holistic training center for combat sports.

The prominence of GFC skyrocketed primarily because of Ronda Rousey , who was not just an MMA champion but also tried her hand at boxing during her training. Under the tutelage of coach Edmond TarverdyanRousey honed her striking skills at GFC. The gym continues to be a magnet for both budding fighters and established professionals, given its reputation and comprehensive training approach.

Mayweather Boxing Club

The Mayweather Boxing Club, bearing the illustrious Mayweather name, represents a boxing lineage that is unparalleled. The gym’s foundational philosophy revolves around technical perfection, defense, and a deep understanding of the “sweet science” of boxing. With the Mayweather name comes an expectation of excellence, and this gym seeks to embody Floyd Mayweather‘s mantra: “Hard Work, Dedication.”

The coaching methodologies are deeply influenced by the Mayweather style of boxing. Precision, impeccable defense, quick reflexes, and a deep emphasis on footwork are hallmarks of the training regimen here. Trainees learn the signature “Philly Shell” defensive technique, which Floyd Mayweather has used masterfully throughout his career.

The equipment at the Mayweather Boxing Club mirrors the high standards set by its name. With top-of-the-line boxing rings, an array of heavy bags, speed bags, and double-end bags, it’s designed to facilitate a comprehensive boxing workout. The gym also has state-of-the-art training tools tailored to refine a boxer’s speed, accuracy, and defensive maneuvers.

While Floyd Mayweather is the most illustrious name associated with the club, it has become a mecca for fighters and enthusiasts alike, attracting numerous professionals and amateurs hoping to glean some of the Mayweather magic.

Tengoose Boxing Gym

Tengoose Boxing Gym in Van Nuys is a testament to the enduring spirit of boxing in LA. It stands as an institution that has seen the ebb and flow of the sport over the years. The foundational philosophy of Tengoose is grit, determination, and heart. It’s about molding fighters who are not just technically sound but also possess the indomitable spirit essential for the squared circle.

The coaching techniques at Tengoose are a blend of old-school boxing principles combined with modern training regimens. There’s a focus on building a fighter’s foundation – ensuring that the basics, like stance, jab, and footwork, are ingrained before moving on to advanced techniques. Sparring is an essential component, with fighters frequently testing their skills against one another in the ring.

The equipment at Tengoose Boxing Gym is both traditional and practical. Alongside standard boxing rings, the gym features an assortment of punching bags, mitts, and shadowboxing areas. The equipment’s worn-in look is symbolic of the many sweat-soaked hours that fighters have put into honing their craft here.

LA Boxing

LA Boxing, as a chain, embodies the convergence of fitness and fight training, making the art of boxing accessible to a wider audience. Its foundational philosophy is grounded in the belief that boxing is not just for the professional or aspiring fighter but for anyone seeking a rigorous and rewarding physical workout. It’s where discipline meets determination.

Coaching methodologies at LA Boxing are tailored to cater to both the casual fitness enthusiast and the more serious boxing student. Beginners might find themselves starting with basic punch combinations, footwork, and shadow boxing, while those on a professional track would engage in more intensive sparring, technique refinement, and fight strategy discussions. The trainers, many of whom have a background in professional boxing, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

In terms of equipment, LA Boxing is well-outfitted to ensure members get a holistic boxing experience. From standard boxing rings to a variety of punching bags (heavy, speed, and double-end bags), the gym is equipped to cater to different training needs. Cardio and strength training equipment complement the boxing gear, reflecting the gym’s dual focus on fitness and fight training.

While primarily known for its fitness boxing classes, LA Boxing has seen its share of professional boxers and MMA fighters using its facilities, drawn by its comprehensive approach and high-quality training environment.

Box ‘N Burn

Box ‘N Burn brings a unique blend of fitness-centric boxing workouts with genuine technical boxing training, making it a favorite among both fitness enthusiasts and serious boxers. Its philosophy revolves around the idea that boxing can be both a means to achieve peak physical fitness and a technically refined sport.

The coaching methodologies at Box ‘N Burn reflect this dual focus. On one hand, there are classes designed purely for calorie-burning workouts, involving boxing-inspired circuits, pad work, and strength training. On the other, there are sessions dedicated to honing boxing techniques, tactics, and ringcraft. This flexible approach ensures that members can define their own boxing journey, whether it’s fitness-driven, technically focused, or a blend of both.

Box ‘N Burn is equipped to cater to this wide range of needs. Alongside traditional boxing equipment like rings, heavy bags, and speed bags, there’s a range of fitness gear including resistance bands, kettlebells, and free weights. This ensures that members can seamlessly transition between high-octane fitness routines and focused boxing drills.

The gym’s reputation has attracted a diverse clientele, from everyday folks to celebrities looking for a unique workout. Its blend of authenticity and accessibility makes it a standout in the vibrant LA boxing scene.


Having traversed the rich tapestry of Los Angeles’ boxing landscape, one can’t help but be awed by its depth and diversity. Each gym, with its walls adorned with memorabilia and echoing with tales of glory, serves as a testament to the city’s enduring love affair with boxing. 

It’s no surprise that in a city which celebrates excellence, be it in entertainment, technology, or sports, boxing has carved its own niche. Every gym has its own story, its own roster of champions, and its unique approach to the sweet science. The echo of gloves meeting bags, the rhythmic dance of shadowboxing, and the intense gaze of trainers observing their protégés are common sights and sounds that fill these sanctuaries.

Los Angeles’ relationship with boxing isn’t just about producing champions; it’s about community, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of greatness. In neighborhoods where challenges abound, boxing gyms often become refuges, offering direction and purpose to the youth and instilling in them discipline, self-respect, and a sense of belonging.

For those eager to dive even deeper into the world of combat sports, Spartacus provides a comprehensive platform. With its dedicated app brimming with live broadcasts, PPVs, and a wealth of news and tips, Spartacus is the digital cornerstone for both fans and fighters. In the ever-evolving landscape of combat sports, Los Angeles stands tall, and Spartacus ensures you don’t miss a beat.


How do I choose the right boxing gym for my needs in Los Angeles?

To identify the best fit in a boxing gym in Los Angeles, you’ll want to first clarify your objectives. Are you looking for fitness-centric boxing, amateur bouts, or transitioning into a professional setting? Once you’re clear on this, consider the gym’s location, the credentials of the trainers, the range of equipment, and the ambiance. Take advantage of trial classes, if available, to get a feel for the atmosphere. Additionally, peer reviews and testimonials can offer insights into the gym’s reputation and quality of training.

How did the Wild Card Boxing Club gain its prestigious reputation in the boxing community?

The fame of the Wild Card Boxing Club is primarily anchored in its founder, Freddie Roach. As a world-class trainer, Roach transformed many fighters into champions, with Manny Pacquiao being the most illustrious among them. The consistent success stories, combined with a robust training regimen and an open-door policy attracting celebrities and casuals alike, make it a renowned boxing hub.

What specific training programs does City of Angels Boxing offer for those looking to transition from fitness boxing to professional boxing?

City of Angels Boxing offers tailored programs catering to both fitness enthusiasts and aspiring professionals. Their curriculum is designed in a way that seamlessly lets individuals transition from fitness boxing to a more competitive, professional realm. They focus on mastering the basics, enhancing boxing techniques, and incorporating sparring sessions as one progresses.

Are there any champion fighters currently training at The Rock Boxing Gym?

The Rock Boxing Gym is a preferred training ground for various fighters due to its rigorous training methodologies. While the gym regularly sees seasoned and upcoming talent, the specific roster might vary. It’s best to check with the gym for current champions or notable fighters in training.

How does Outlaws Boxing Gym in Tarzana differentiate itself from other boxing gyms in the LA scene?

Located in Tarzana, Outlaws Boxing Gym has carved a niche for itself in the LA boxing scene. Their distinguishing factor is a blend of old-school boxing techniques combined with modern training methodologies. Furthermore, their welcoming environment for both amateurs and pros has solidified their place in the community.

Does 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu offer hybrid training programs combining both boxing and Jiu Jitsu?

While 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu’s primary focus remains on Jiu Jitsu, under the innovative approach of Eddie Bravo, they do offer boxing-centric training. However, a complete hybrid program that merges both disciplines might be selective and based on individual needs.

What are the core training methodologies GFC (Glendale Fighting Club) employs for MMA versus boxing?

The Glendale Fighting Club employs distinct methodologies for MMA and boxing. For MMA, there’s a holistic approach encompassing striking, grappling, and ground game. On the other hand, their boxing regimen is honed in on stance, footwork, defense, and combinations.

How does the Mayweather Boxing Club’s training regimen reflect Floyd Mayweather’s own boxing techniques and strategies?

Mayweather Boxing Club embodies the precision, defense, and counter-punching techniques that Floyd Mayweather Jr. made famous. Trainees here get a taste of the ‘Mayweather way’, emphasizing endurance, reflexes, and a sharp boxing IQ.

Are there beginner programs available at Tengoose Boxing Gym for those new to the sport?

Tengoose Boxing Gym, a stalwart in the LA boxing scene, does provide programs tailored for novices. They prioritize foundational skills, ensuring that newcomers grasp essential boxing techniques before progressing.

How does LA Boxing’s equipment and facilities compare to other professional boxing gyms in Los Angeles?

LA Boxing, growing in reputation, houses state-of-the-art equipment comparable to many top-tier professional boxing gyms in LA. With spacious facilities, a range of heavy bags, speed bags, ring space, and weight training areas, it caters to both fitness seekers and professional aspirants.

With its mix of fitness and technical training, what kind of clientele typically frequents Box ‘N Burn?

Box ‘N Burn, with its dual approach of fitness and technical training, attracts a diverse clientele. From individuals seeking a rigorous workout to refine their physique, to celebrities looking for a challenging fitness routine, to budding boxers honing their craft – the gym caters to a wide spectrum of boxing enthusiasts.

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