Las Vegas’ Best Kept Secrets: A Peek Inside Top Boxing Gyms

October 17, 2023
From: Spartacus
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Las Vegas, Nevada – often dubbed the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, isn’t just famous for its neon lights, casinos, and iconic strip. Over the years, it has firmly cemented its place as a mecca for boxing aficionados. The desert city has witnessed legendary fights, nurtured world champions, and has become the go-to destination for anyone with boxing aspirations.

But beneath the glitz and glamour of mega-bouts, a rich boxing culture thrives, and its heartbeat is the countless boxing gyms scattered throughout the city.

The purpose of this article is not just to enumerate the top boxing gyms in Las Vegas, but also to dive deep into the culture, the trainers, and the aspiring boxers who dedicate their lives to the sport. We aim to paint a vivid picture of a city where boxing is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life. 

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Floyd Mayweather’s Mayweather Boxing Club 

In the heart of Las Vegas lies the Mayweather Boxing Club, a testament to the boxing genius of Floyd Mayweather Jr. It’s not just a gym; it’s a reflection of Mayweather’s boxing journey, his undefeated record, and his unparalleled commitment to the sport. The gym’s foundational philosophy is crystallized in Mayweather’s own mantras: “Hard Work” and “Dedication.” Every aspect of the training here echoes these principles, emphasizing not just the physical demands of boxing, but the mental discipline and strategic acumen that the sport demands.

A notable coaching methodology that has its roots in the gym is the “Philly Shell” Defense, which Mayweather mastered and popularized. This defensive technique involves using the lead shoulder to deflect punches and counterattacking with sharp, precise blows. Trainees are meticulously guided to adopt and perfect this style, ensuring they can protect themselves while optimizing opportunities to strike. Beyond this, there’s an overwhelming focus on stamina and endurance. Mayweather’s ability to outlast opponents in later rounds was a cornerstone of his career, and this ethos permeates the gym’s training approach.

The equipment at the Mayweather Boxing Club is state-of-the-art, facilitating both traditional boxing training and modern fitness techniques. There are multiple boxing rings designed for sparring, a wide array of heavy bags, speed bags, and double-end bags for striking practice, and an assortment of cardio and strength-training equipment.

As for prominent fighters, apart from Floyd Mayweather Jr. himself, the gym has been a magnet for top-tier talent. Gervonta Davis, a dominant force in the super featherweight and lightweight divisions, trains here. Other notable figures include Badou Jack, a recognized name in the light heavyweight division. Additionally, the gym often sees visits from a plethora of professionals and upcoming prospects, further solidifying its reputation in the boxing world.

Top Rank Gym

Associated with the heavyweight promotional company, Top Rank, the Top Rank Gym in Las Vegas is more than just a training facility; it’s an institution in the world of boxing. Given its connection with one of the most influential promotional entities in the sport, the gym’s foundational philosophy is centered around excellence and producing world champions. Every punch thrown, every round sparred, every drop of sweat shed in the gym is done with the intention of molding fighters into the best versions of themselves.

Diverse training is a hallmark of the Top Rank Gym. Given its affiliation with a vast number of champions and trainers, fighters here are exposed to a range of styles, techniques, and strategies. There’s a synergistic approach, where trainers collaborate, learn from each other, and then impart varied knowledge to their trainees. This ensures that fighters are versatile, adaptable, and always evolving.

In terms of equipment, the Top Rank Gym boasts facilities that cater to every aspect of a boxer’s needs. From several boxing rings to an extensive selection of punching bags tailored for different training modalities, the gym is a boxer’s paradise. Add to that the latest in cardio machinery and weight training equipment, and you have a comprehensive training environment.

The list of prominent fighters who have trained or currently train at the Top Rank Gym reads like a who’s who of boxing. Given the vast network of Top Rank, many champions have graced the gym at various points in their careers. While the list is extensive, fighters like Terence CrawfordVasyl Lomachenko, and Manny Pacquiao have associations with Top Rank and have, at times, used its facilities for their training camps.

City Athletic Boxing

City Athletic Boxing is a gem in Las Vegas’s boxing landscape. At its core, the gym’s philosophy is about inclusivity and excellence. It welcomes fighters of all levels, from amateurs just dipping their toes in the sport to seasoned professionals refining their skills. The belief here is that everyone, regardless of their background or experience, possesses the potential to achieve greatness with the right guidance.

In terms of coaching methodologies, City Athletic Boxing prides itself on its comprehensive approach. Recognizing that boxing is as much about mental acuity as it is physical prowess, trainers here emphasize strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and adaptive fighting. Technique is prioritized, and every fighter is coached to hone their unique style while also developing a strong foundational skill set. Sparring sessions, technical drills, and rigorous fitness routines form the daily regimen, ensuring fighters are always at their peak.

The facilities at City Athletic Boxing are nothing short of top-tier. The gym is equipped with spacious boxing rings designed for both training and sparring. An extensive range of punching bags allows fighters to diversify their training, focusing on power, speed, and precision. The gym also features advanced cardio equipment and a well-equipped weight training section to complement traditional boxing training.

As for prominent fighters, City Athletic Boxing has been a hub for both up-and-coming prospects and established professionals. While many renowned boxers have passed through its doors for training stints or special sessions, it has become a recognized space for producing local talents who’ve gone on to make significant marks in the boxing world.

Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym

Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym is a testament to the rich tapestry of boxing history in Las Vegas. Established in 1953, it’s not just a gym but a living chronicle of the city’s storied boxing legacy. The foundational philosophy at Tocco’s is rooted in tradition, resilience, and respect. It’s a place where the old school meets the new, where time-tested techniques merge with innovative strategies.

Coaching at Tocco’s is steeped in the classical essence of boxing. Given its long-standing history, training methods here draw from decades of boxing evolution. Trainers emphasize the importance of a solid foundation, teaching fighters the basics before progressing to advanced techniques. There’s a particular focus on footwork, defensive maneuvers, and the art of the counter-punch, all hallmarks of the boxing greats who’ve graced the gym.

Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym, true to its name, features well-maintained boxing rings that have witnessed countless sparring sessions and historic training moments. Alongside the rings, the gym boasts a collection of heavy bags, speed bags, and specialized training equipment that cater to the diverse needs of boxers. The atmosphere exudes a rustic charm, reminiscent of classic boxing gyms from the golden era.

When it comes to notable fighters, the list is illustrious. Over the decades, legends like Sonny ListonMike Tyson, and Larry Holmes have trained at Tocco’s. The gym has been a hotspot for champions, contenders, and everyone in between, making it an integral part of Las Vegas’s boxing heritage.

Richard Steele Boxing Club

The Richard Steele Boxing Club stands as a testament to Richard Steele’s commitment to the sport and, more importantly, to the community. Steele, one of boxing’s most recognized referees, established this gym with a mission far surpassing just boxing training. His primary objective was to serve as a beacon for the youth, offering them a haven from the pitfalls of street life, and guiding them towards discipline, self-respect, and a constructive path.

At its heart, the foundational philosophy of the Richard Steele Boxing Club is transformation through sport. Boxing is used as a medium to instill values like discipline, dedication, and hard work. While technical prowess in the ring is essential, the larger aim is to mold individuals who are not just good boxers but also responsible citizens.

Coaching at Steele’s gym is unique in its approach. While there’s a strong emphasis on boxing fundamentals, trainers also weave in life lessons during their sessions, emphasizing the importance of integrity, respect, and commitment both inside and outside the ring. The methodology is holistic, aiming to shape the mind as much as the body.

The gym boasts an array of equipment essential for comprehensive boxing training. Multiple rings facilitate sparring and technique drills. A variety of punching bags, from speed bags to heavy bags, allows for diverse training routines. Additionally, the gym offers strength and conditioning equipment to ensure a well-rounded physical regimen for its trainees.

Over the years, while serving as a hub for community youth, the gym has also attracted a slew of professionals and promising talents. While it’s known more for its community impact than producing world champions, several notable fighters have trained here, benefiting from the gym’s unique blend of boxing instruction and life mentoring.

Bones Adams Boxing Gym

Clarence “Bones” Adams, with his decorated boxing career, brought his wealth of experience to the forefront when he established the Bones Adams Boxing Gym. Known for its welcoming atmosphere, the gym caters to both amateurs looking to learn the ropes and seasoned professionals seeking to refine their skills.

Bones Adams, having experienced the highs and lows of professional boxing, built his gym on a foundation of perseverance, technical excellence, and a love for the sport. The gym exudes an ethos that every fighter, irrespective of their experience, has something valuable to contribute and learn.

Training at the Bones Adams Boxing Gym reflects Adams’ own journey in the sport. There’s a strong emphasis on technique, ensuring that every punch, every foot movement, and every defensive maneuver is executed with precision. Trainers adopt a personalized approach, recognizing that each boxer has a unique style, and they work to enhance these individual strengths while also addressing areas of improvement.

In terms of equipment, the gym is well-stocked to cater to the modern boxer’s needs. Apart from the essential boxing rings for sparring and practice, there’s a wide array of punching bags tailored for different training facets. The facility also incorporates cardio and weight-training equipment, ensuring that fighters achieve optimal physical condition.

Given Adams’ stature in the boxing world and the gym’s reputation, it’s no surprise that it has become a magnet for talent. While Bones Adams himself is the biggest name associated with the facility, many professionals and rising stars have chosen this gym for their training camps, making it a prominent spot in the Las Vegas boxing scene.

The Hit Factory Boxing Gym

The Hit Factory Boxing Gym in Las Vegas has rapidly made a name for itself as a hub for both fitness enthusiasts and professional boxers. Rooted in its name is the gym’s foundational philosophy: precision and power. It stands as a testament to the belief that boxing isn’t just about throwing punches; it’s about delivering them with accuracy and force, whether you’re training for a professional bout or simply aiming to achieve peak physical condition.

The coaching methodology at The Hit Factory is a blend of tradition and innovation. While trainers emphasize mastering the foundational techniques of boxing – from footwork to jab and cross combinations – there’s also an added focus on adapting to the evolving dynamics of the sport. The coaches are adept at identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that each training regimen is tailored to maximize potential.

As for the equipment, The Hit Factory Boxing Gym is a modern facility equipped with everything one might expect in a top-tier boxing gym. Multiple spacious boxing rings facilitate intensive sparring sessions. A variety of punching bags, including speed bags, double-end bags, and heavy bags, allow trainees to diversify their striking training. The gym also features state-of-the-art cardio machines and weight training equipment, catering to those who are there as much for fitness as for boxing.

While The Hit Factory has become a favorite for many looking to get in shape, its reputation in the professional boxing circuit cannot be understated. Numerous professionals, from rising contenders to established champions, have chosen The Hit Factory as their training ground, drawn by its combination of expert coaching and top-notch facilities.

Las Vegas Fight Club

Las Vegas Fight Club (LVFC) goes beyond just boxing; it’s a celebration of combat sports, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of disciplines that make up the fighting world. The foundational philosophy of LVFC revolves around the idea of adaptability. In the ever-evolving world of combat sports, a fighter must be versatile, drawing on a diverse set of skills to overcome their opponent.

Given its holistic approach, the coaching methodologies at LVFC are varied and encompassing. While boxing is a significant component, trainers also weave in elements from other disciplines, ensuring fighters are well-rounded and adaptable. The boxing training, while rooted in traditional techniques, is dynamic, reflecting the fluid nature of real-world combat. Coaches place emphasis on reactive training, ensuring fighters can adjust their strategies on the fly.

The equipment at Las Vegas Fight Club mirrors its multidisciplinary ethos. While there are boxing rings for traditional sparring and training, the facility also features spaces suited for MMA and other combat sports. Punching bags of all kinds dot the gym, allowing for varied training routines. Additionally, given the cross-disciplinary approach, the gym features equipment like grappling dummies and specialized mats, ensuring fighters from all backgrounds find the tools they need.

Given its unique positioning in the Las Vegas fight scene, LVFC has attracted a diverse set of talents. From boxers to MMA fighters, many have graced its facilities. While the gym has seen numerous professionals and champions pass through its doors, it’s also been a nurturing ground for young, emerging talents, drawn by LVFC’s commitment to holistic combat training.


Las Vegas’s boxing culture is unparalleled. From the sweat-filled local gyms nurturing the next generation of boxing talent, to the grand arenas hosting the world’s most awaited fights – the spirit of boxing runs deep in the veins of this city. The top boxing gyms we’ve highlighted are not just facilities; they’re institutions that have shaped the sport’s history and will continue to impact its future.

In an age where digital platforms are revolutionizing how we consume sports, Spartacus stands out as a beacon for combat sports enthusiasts. Providing access to live events, updates, and a plethora of content, it ensures that the boxing community stays interconnected, informed, and engaged. Whether you’re a fighter training in one of Las Vegas’s esteemed gyms or a fan on the other side of the world, the spirit of boxing and the essence of Las Vegas are now just a click away.


Why is Las Vegas considered a mecca for boxing aficionados?

Las Vegas, often dubbed “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, is synonymous with the biggest and brightest events in boxing. For decades, the desert city has played host to iconic fights that have drawn millions of viewers globally. Its glamorous hotels, casinos, and arenas, like the MGM Grand or T-Mobile Arena, have witnessed battles of legendary pugilists. Furthermore, the allure of the Strip’s neon lights, combined with its ability to accommodate vast audiences, makes it a lucrative location for promoters. The city’s rich boxing history and the electric atmosphere of a Vegas fight night ensure its pedestal as a mecca for boxing enthusiasts.

What is the “Philly Shell” Defense popularized by Mayweather’s Boxing Club?

The “Philly Shell” Defense, often associated with Floyd Mayweather Jr., is a unique defensive posture in boxing. The boxer positions one hand near the waist, using the lead shoulder to defend the chin while the other hand remains close to the cheek. This stance not only offers protection from punches but also provides an ideal setup for counterpunching. The effectiveness of this defense, especially showcased by Mayweather’s illustrious undefeated career, has made it a signature technique taught at the Mayweather Boxing Club.

How is the Top Rank Gym associated with the Top Rank promotional company?

Top Rank Gym is the training offshoot of the Top Rank promotional company, one of boxing’s most influential promoters. Established by Bob Arum, Top Rank has been behind many of boxing’s historic moments and has promoted numerous iconic fighters. The gym serves as a talent incubator, scouting potential champions and offering world-class facilities to hone their skills. With close ties to the promotional arm, fighters trained at Top Rank Gym often find themselves with opportunities to participate in high-profile bouts, thanks to the company’s vast network.

What distinguishes City Athletic Boxing from other boxing gyms in Las Vegas?

City Athletic Boxing is not just a place for hard punches; it marries the traditional grit of boxing with the sophistication of modern fitness. What sets it apart is its blend of top-tier boxing training with the amenities of a luxury gym. Besides providing training to professional boxers, it offers a holistic fitness approach, making it appealing to those who seek both the thrill of boxing and a complete workout experience.

How has Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym contributed to the history of boxing in Las Vegas?

Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym is often revered as a monument in Las Vegas boxing folklore. Established in the 1950s, it stands as one of the oldest boxing facilities in the city. This gym has been a breeding ground for several champions and contenders over the decades. Its rustic appeal and traditional boxing ambiance have attracted fighters eager to taste the raw essence of the sport, making it a significant chapter in Las Vegas’ boxing narrative.

What is the primary objective behind Richard Steele’s establishment of his boxing club?

Richard Steele, a former referee and an influential figure in the boxing world, established his club with a vision beyond just boxing. His primary objective was to provide a positive environment for at-risk youth, redirecting their energy towards the discipline of boxing. While fostering boxing talents is a goal, the club’s deeper mission is to sculpt character, instill discipline, and offer a constructive outlet for young individuals.

How does Bones Adams Boxing Gym’s training reflect Clarence “Bones” Adams’ own journey in boxing?

The training ethos of Bones Adams Boxing Gym is deeply rooted in the experiences of its namesake, Clarence “Bones” Adams. Known for his resilience and technical prowess, Adams’ journey from a tough upbringing to becoming a world champion resonates throughout the gym. Training here is characterized by a blend of tenacity, technique, and heart, mirroring Adams’ own boxing philosophy and the adversities he overcame in his career.

What is the foundational philosophy of The Hit Factory Boxing Gym?

The Hit Factory Boxing Gym operates on the philosophy that boxing is as much an art as it is a sport. The gym emphasizes the importance of technique, rhythm, and finesse, encouraging its trainees to approach boxing with a craftsman’s precision. While power and strength are vital, the gym believes that mastering the intricacies of movement and strategy elevates a boxer’s prowess in the ring.

How does Las Vegas Fight Club’s training approach differ from traditional boxing gyms?

Las Vegas Fight Club offers a more contemporary twist to boxing training. While it respects the time-honored techniques, the gym infuses its regimen with modern fitness trends, making it more dynamic and versatile. This hybrid approach appeals to a broader audience, from professional fighters to fitness enthusiasts, offering them a blend of traditional boxing drills and contemporary workout routines.

Which Las Vegas boxing gyms have been established or endorsed by legendary figures in the sport?

Las Vegas has a plethora of boxing gyms with ties to legendary figures. Mayweather’s Boxing Club, established by Floyd Mayweather Jr., stands out as a prime example. Then there’s Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym, a historic facility that has seen endorsements from countless boxing greats over the decades. Richard Steele’s boxing club, founded by the esteemed referee, is another shining example. Many other gyms, while not directly established by legends, carry their endorsements and blessings, solidifying Las Vegas’ reputation as the epicenter of boxing.

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