David Benavidez Resolute in His Path to Canelo Alvarez Post Andrade Bout

November 22, 2023
From: Spartacus

As the world of professional boxing readies itself for the eagerly anticipated clash between David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade, Benavidez’s sights are firmly set beyond this confrontation. His conviction that a victory against Andrade will inexorably lead to a showdown with Canelo Alvarez speaks volumes of his ambition and belief in his own prowess.

Benavidez’s unwavering confidence, as seen in his pre-fight declarations, can be likened to the assurance of military leaders of yore. Such self-assurance, while often seen as a prerequisite for success in combat sports, can also be a harbinger of unforeseen challenges. “I’ve been here for a long, long time. I’m at the doorsteps to something great. So, we’re going to ride it out for a little bit more, and then we’re going to go up to 175,” Benavidez proclaimed at the final press conference, revealing his long-term ambitions and unshakeable belief in his destiny.

However, overlooking Andrade could be a critical misstep for Benavidez. Andrade, undefeated in his own right, possesses a blend of experience and athleticism that could potentially expose any overlooked vulnerabilities in Benavidez’s technique. The upcoming bout is more than just a fight; it’s a litmus test for Benavidez’s readiness to step into the ring with the likes of Canelo.

The prospect of fighting Canelo Alvarez is more than just a potential career highlight for Benavidez; it’s a quest for recognition and validation at the pinnacle of boxing. “I’ve worked extremely hard, and I’m going to prove it with a victory on Saturday. There’s going to be no other direction for Canelo to go because after what I do to Demetrius Andrade on Saturday, people are going to go. That’s the only fight that they want to see,” Benavidez emphatically stated, underlining his belief that a victory over Andrade will leave the boxing world clamouring for a Benavidez-Canelo face-off.

While Benavidez seems to dismiss the possibility of other contenders like Jermall Charlo and Andrade himself facing Canelo, he does not shy away from acknowledging the threat posed by David Morrell Jr. “We can definitely get a fight in with Morrell. That’s a great fight, too. Probably after Demetrius, Canelo, and Morrell, those are the only people I’m interested in at this point,” he noted, showcasing a strategic approach to his career trajectory.

However, Benavidez’s journey is not without its uncertainties. Showtime’s exit from the boxing scene after 2023 throws a wrench into potential future plans, including the much-anticipated fight with Canelo. “I didn’t even think about that,” Benavidez admitted when confronted with this reality, indicating a moment of reevaluation in his otherwise steadfast path.

Despite the grand plans, Benavidez remains grounded in the reality of his imminent challenge: Demetrius Andrade. Recognizing Andrade’s unique persona and approach to the sport, Benavidez understands that he faces a formidable opponent. “It throws me off a little. I’ve never been around someone with his type of energy. He’s a funny guy,” Benavidez remarked, appreciating the distinct dynamics Andrade brings to the table. Yet, he remains unfazed in his approach, stating, “In the ring, I’m going to try and beat the s*** out of him. None of that changes.”

David Benavidez’s path to a potential bout with Canelo Alvarez is marked by both unwavering self-belief and the recognition of the challenges that lie ahead. His upcoming fight against Demetrius Andrade is not merely a hurdle but a crucial juncture that could either pave the way to boxing glory or serve as a sobering reality check. Benavidez’s journey, marked by his vociferous confidence and strategic planning, will be a compelling narrative to follow, as the world of boxing watches with bated breath.

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