The Fall’s Most Anticipated Fight: Benavidez and Andrade’s Quest for the WBC Belt

August 8, 2023
From: Spartacus

Boxing enthusiasts, get ready for a thrilling ride! The boxing arena is buzzing with anticipation, as undefeated WBC interim super middleweight titan, David Benavidez, is reportedly eyeing a match-up against the formidable contender, Demetrius Andrade. This impending showdown, slated for the fall, isn’t just another bout; it’s a high-stakes game that could lead to a fight for the coveted four 168-lb belts, either against the renowned Canelo Alvarez or the equally powerful Jermell Charlo.

Let’s delve into the narrative, shall we? The intriguing David Benavidez, boasting a remarkable record of (27-0, 23 KOs), has been like a hawk, focused on his prey, waiting for the right moment to strike. He’s been yearning for a duel with the legendary Canelo for what feels like an eternity—two years, to be precise. Every boxing pundit knows that his title match has been overdue, a sentiment shared by a large section of boxing aficionados.

Parallelly, there’s Demetrius Andrade, whose record stands impressively at (32-0, 19 KOs). Despite his impressive stats and being ranked #1 WBA, #1 WBO, and #5 WBC, he has been experiencing a sense of being overshadowed. Canelo, in recent times, seems to have opted for opponents that many argue are less challenging, leaving Andrade feeling overlooked.

Now, imagine the scene when Benavidez and Andrade, two titans in their own right, clash. The aftermath is monumental. The victor will emerge not only with bragging rights but will also find themselves in a formidable position. Such a position will exert tremendous pressure on the reigning WBC 168-lb champion, whether it’s Canelo or Charlo. The champion will face a pivotal choice: confront the challenger or risk being dethroned or, more likely, be tagged with the less-than-desirable title of ‘Champion in Recess.’

There’s a prevailing sense among boxing circles, a whisper that’s growing louder by the day. Many speculate that the WBC might choose the easier route, offering the winner of Canelo vs. Charlo the ‘Champion in Recess’ tag. This move, although strategic, is viewed by some as a sidestep to avoid clashing with either Benavidez or Andrade, who are seen as formidable adversaries.

But here’s where it gets even more fascinating. If this anticipated scenario does unfold, the triumphant warrior from the Benavidez-Andrade face-off will likely clinch the WBC belt as the outright champion by next year. Such a win, however, will be bittersweet. Without a direct confrontation in the ring, this new champion might find themselves crowned without the genuine adulation and respect that comes from a victory earned through sweat, blood, and fierce combat.

The Benavidez vs. Andrade matchup, although promising and filled with potential fireworks, has its share of critics. Some argue that it might not create the same electric atmosphere as Benavidez’s earlier bout against the formidable Caleb Plant. Furthermore, while this is an important fight, it isn’t the bonanza face-off with Canelo—the clash many fans and Benavidez himself have been eagerly anticipating.

The grapevine is abuzz with whispers that the clash between Benavidez and Andrade might materialise in the waning months of 2023. The fact that both have displayed caution in their recent career moves, shying away from overtly high-risk matches, makes this potential bout all the more captivating. Andrade, in particular, has raised many eyebrows. Despite his vocal criticisms of Canelo’s strategy of avoiding challenging opponents, Andrade himself passed on fights against potential threats like Zach Parker and Janibek Alimkhanuly.

There’s another twist in this saga: the rising star Jaime Munguia. After expressing initial interest in battling Benavidez, especially post his close encounter with Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Munguia seems to have had a change of heart. This withdrawal has left fans speculating on the reasons, with many believing that Munguia’s near-miss against Derevyanchenko might have made him and his team re-evaluate the wisdom of facing Benavidez, often dubbed the ‘Mexican Monster.’

To add yet another layer to this intricate tapestry, the WBC has, as of now, refrained from pushing for a Canelo vs. Benavidez showdown this year. All eyes are now on 2024. But, with Canelo set to face Charlo this September, the outcome of that fight could reshape the boxing landscape. If Charlo manages to outbox Canelo, he’ll inherit the very challenge Canelo has been tactically sidestepping.

With all these moving pieces, the boxing world is on the edge of its seat. The upcoming months promise drama, strategy, and electrifying confrontations. For fans, analysts, and the fighters themselves, the ring is set to be a cauldron of excitement and suspense!

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