Barboza to Face Thongpoon in Anticipated Muay Thai Duel at ONE Fight Night 17

November 16, 2023
From: Spartacus

On December 8, the venerable Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, will host ONE Fight Night 17, a spectacle showcasing some of the most skilled and dynamic Muay Thai fighters in the world. This event, marked by its blend of youthful vigor and seasoned expertise, is set to captivate audiences worldwide with two headline-worthy bouts: Ellis “El Jefe” Barboza versus Thongpoon PK Saenchai, and Johan Ghazali against Edgar Tabares.

Barboza, a mere 23 years old, has rapidly ascended the ranks of Muay Thai, earning accolades such as the English Muay Thai Champion and WBC European Muay Thai Champion. His training at the renowned Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya, Thailand, has polished a skill set that is both comprehensive and devastating. Known for his methodical approach and finishing capabilities, Barboza represents the new wave of fighters capable of shaking the foundations of established hierarchies within the ONE Championship.

Thongpoon, with a staggering record of over 100 career fights, exemplifies the rich tradition and enduring spirit of Thai Muay Thai fighters. His recent performances in the ONE Friday Fights series have been nothing short of sensational, showcasing his ability to deliver both emphatic finishes and strategically sound victories. His approach, characterized by aggressive punching and devastating elbow strikes, poses a significant challenge to any opponent, including an up-and-comer like Barboza.

The Barboza-Thongpoon fight is a testament to the depth of talent in ONE Championship’s roster. It juxtaposes Barboza’s comprehensive skill set and indomitable will against Thongpoon’s extensive experience and tactical acumen. This fight is expected to be a tactical masterpiece, with each fighter leveraging their unique strengths in a bid for dominance.

Johan Ghazali, at the tender age of 16, has already carved a niche for himself in the world of Muay Thai. His impressive 4-0 streak at ONE Friday Fights, achieved against more seasoned opponents, is indicative of his exceptional talent. His journey, marked by rapid knockouts and decisive victories, reflects not just his physical prowess but also his strategic mindset and adaptability inside the ring.

Edgar Tabares brings a wealth of experience and a resilient spirit to the match. As a WBC Muay Thai international champion, Tabares is no stranger to high-stakes competition. His previous encounter with Rodtang Jitmuangnon has only fueled his desire to ascend the ranks of ONE Championship. This match against the young phenom Ghazali offers Tabares a chance to reassert his position and edge closer to a title opportunity.

This bout is a compelling narrative of youth versus experience. Ghazali, armed with his explosive style and ambitious vision, faces Tabares, whose tactical acumen and ring experience form a formidable barrier. The match promises to be an exhilarating display of skill, strategy, and tenacity, with each fighter eager to prove their supremacy in the Muay Thai world.

ONE Fight Night 17 represents a significant milestone in the world of Muay Thai, offering more than just a series of matches; it embodies a grand display of martial prowess and strategic acumen. The event, featuring Ellis “El Jefe” Barboza versus Thongpoon PK Saenchai and Johan Ghazali against Edgar Tabares, transcends the boundaries of mere competition.

ONE Friday Fights 41 Full Card

  • Dedduanglek Tded99 vs. Nakrob Fairtex (Muay Thai – Flyweight)
  • Songchainoi Kiatsongrit vs. Rak Erawan (Muay Thai – 116 lbs Catchweight)
  • Suriyanlek Por Yenying vs. Tomyamkoong Bhumjaithai (Muay Thai – 132 lbs Catchweight)
  • Buakhiao Por Paoin vs. Paruehatnoi TBM Gym (Muay Thai – 138 lbs Catchweight)
  • Parnpet Sor Jor Lekmuangnon vs. Meysam Adelniya (Muay Thai – 126 lbs Catchweight)
  • Yodnumchai Fairtex vs. Champagnarm Por Pramuk (Muay Thai – 114 lbs Catchweight)
  • Yodlekpet Or Atchariya vs. Tagir Khalilov (Muay Thai – 136 lbs Catchweight)
  • View Petkosol vs. Aslanbek Zikreev (Kickboxing – 126 lbs Catchweight)
  • Sulaiman LooksuanAutomuaythai vs. Kijani Jacquary Kwami Aytch (Muay Thai – Flyweight)
  • Ruslan Satiev vs. Farid Alibabazade (MMA – Flyweight)
  • Gadzhimurad Amirzhanov vs. Morteza Noroozi (MMA – Welterweight)
  • Leandro Gomes vs. Milad Hosseini (MMA – Flyweight)
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