Anthony Joshua’s Path to Glory: A Rematch, a New Coach, and the Looming Wilder Question

August 1, 2023
From: Spartacus

In the boxing world, the news has been brimming with anticipation as the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte edges closer. Scheduled for August 12th, the rematch will take place at the same venue as their unforgettable first encounter in 2015, the O2 Arena, reigniting a rivalry that’s been simmering for nearly a decade. This rematch has captivated the attention of the boxing community worldwide, including the renowned boxing legend, Roy Jones Jr.

Jones Jr., who once had the opportunity to train Joshua after his defeat to Oleksandr Usyk, shared his insights with Boxing News on the impending bout. He remains confident about Joshua’s chances against Whyte, even though ‘AJ’ opted to train with Derrick James in Dallas instead of him. Jones expects that the newfound camaraderie and understanding between James and Joshua will play a significant role in the rematch. He believes Joshua will not only replicate his previous triumph over Whyte but do so in an even more compelling manner, assuming he’s received the proper training from James.

However, Joshua’s path to victory in the boxing world doesn’t end with Whyte. His performance in the upcoming rematch will significantly influence a potential mega-fight with the American boxer, Deontay Wilder. This match-up, anticipated by fans and speculated by analysts, has been a prominent topic of conversation. Its realization, though, hangs in the balance, contingent on Joshua’s success against Whyte.

Eddie Hearn, a prominent boxing promoter, has been sharing his thoughts about this potential Joshua-Wilder face-off. In an interaction with Boxing Social, he discussed the uncertain timeline of the bout. He also highlighted that the outcome of the Joshua-Whyte rematch could influence the plans significantly. While the end of 2023 was initially speculated, Hearn suggested that early 2024 could be a more feasible time for the match-up, causing further suspense among boxing enthusiasts.

While Joshua has his sights set on his rematch with Whyte and the potential face-off with Wilder, the latter finds himself in a state of uncertainty. Wilder’s last fight ended with a quick victory over Robert Helenius, but since then, there’s been no concrete news about his next match. His talks with Andy Ruiz appear to have stalled, adding to the ambiguity surrounding his future in the boxing ring.

Nevertheless, all eyes are currently on Joshua, who has a considerable task ahead of him. His first match under Derrick James’ guidance resulted in a victory over American heavyweight Jermaine Franklin but lacked the gusto many expected. Therefore, Joshua has a point to prove in the upcoming rematch against Whyte. Not only does he need to claim victory, but he must do so in a way that asserts his improved skills and readiness for a potential future bout with Wilder.

With the August 12th rematch inching closer, the tension is palpable. Joshua stands at a crossroads where a win can pave the way for a mega-bout with Wilder and secure his position in the boxing world. In contrast, a loss could lead to a significant detour on his path to success. With so much at stake, the upcoming Joshua-Whyte rematch is a boxing event that fans worldwide will not want to miss.

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