Anna “Supergirl” Jaroonsak Embarking on a New Era

November 2, 2023
From: Spartacus

From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the global stage of martial arts, Anna “Supergirl” Jaroonsak’s meteoric rise in the world of kickboxing is nothing short of awe-inspiring. As she stands on the precipice of concluding her teenage years, a critical juncture awaits. The international martial arts community is set to turn its gaze to Bangkok’s iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on Friday, November 3, when Anna will confront Spanish stalwart Cristina Morales during the much-anticipated ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade.

With an astounding record of 47 fights, of which four have been under the esteemed banner of ONE Championship, Anna is a force to be reckoned with. And to consider she will only turn 20 later in November renders her achievements even more remarkable. Anna’s introspective conversation with sheds light on her mindset. Reflecting upon her choices and the consequential sacrifices, she remarked, “I don’t regret anything I did or decisions made in my teenage years… today, those choices have borne fruit.”

Her diligence and unwavering commitment have catapulted Anna into the upper echelons of the kickboxing world. As she readies herself to challenge a celebrated three-time Kickboxing World Champion, aspirations of etching her name in the annals of the ONE Women’s Atomweight Kickboxing World Title narrative are tangible.

Diving deeper into Anna’s reservoir of memories, her triumphant debut against Argentinian Muay Thai Champion, Milagros Lopez, emerges as a watershed moment. Anna reminisced, “When I joined ONE Championship at the tender age of 16, I felt immense pride… Yet, there was undeniable pressure, given that my opponents were seasoned professionals. Nevertheless, I staunchly believe that my amassed experience and persistent hard work equip me to stand toe-to-toe with them.”

Anna’s ascent is not solely attributed to innate talent. It’s a testament to her relentless perseverance, strategic vision, and deep-rooted passion for the sport. As a beacon for budding fighters, she generously offers wisdom from her own journey. Anna emphasized, “Dedication is paramount. Even if the fight seems insignificant, approach it with the intensity and dedication of a championship bout.”

Every journey, no matter how inspiring, is punctuated with trials, tribulations, and valuable lessons. Anna’s odyssey through her adolescent years was no different. Yet, she emerged from each challenge fortified, using every experience as a catalyst for growth. “Every challenge, every difficulty encountered along the way molded and shaped me into the ‘Supergirl’ the world witnesses today,” she asserted with pride.

Kickboxing aficionados are abuzz with speculations and predictions about potential matches. The impending clash between Anissa Meksen and Phetjeeja Ormeekhun slated for December 22 at Lumpinee Stadium is particularly electrifying. Sharing her expert analysis, Anna opined, “Meksen’s technical prowess in kickboxing surpasses Phetjeeja. I am inclined to believe that Anissa Meksen will clinch the victory.”

A triumphant outing against Morales could potentially propel Anna towards a title shot. However, Anna, ever the consummate professional, remains singularly focused on the task at hand. With an almost Zen-like focus, she said, My preparations have been exhaustive, having trained rigorously and studied Morales through countless video analyses. The future, especially something as monumental as a title fight, will receive my attention in due course. My immediate priority is the bout on Saturday.”

While kickboxing is undeniably Anna’s primary passion, she has gracefully embraced opportunities in Thailand’s flourishing modelling industry. Balancing the demanding worlds of sports and modeling is no mean feat, but with astute guidance from her father and coach, Anna navigates this duality with aplomb. “The intricate task of managing time is simplified with my father’s insights. Before any fight, modeling takes a backseat to ensure unwavering focus,” she shared.

Anna’s prowess has not only brought her accolades and respect but also considerable financial rewards. Her bout against Stamp at the Impact Arena, although not ending in her favor, still pocketed her an impressive US$50,000. Speaking of her compatriot Stamp’s recent triumph, Anna’s voice quivered with emotion, “Witnessing her victory was overwhelming. As I watched the footage, tears streamed down my face, mirroring her own.”

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