Andrade and Haggerty’s Pursuit of Dual World Champion Status

October 31, 2023
From: Spartacus

The kickboxing world stands on the cusp of witnessing a unique confrontation between two stalwarts of combat sports, as Bangkok’s iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium prepares for a showdown between Fabricio ‘Wonder Boy’ Andrade and Jonathan ‘The General’ Haggerty. The bout, scheduled for ONE Fight Night 16: Haggerty vs. Andrade, holds more than just the coveted ONE bantamweight kickboxing world title in the balance; it offers the victor a chance to be recognized as a rare two-sport world champion.

At 26, the Brazilian maestro, Fabricio Andrade, is no stranger to the demanding world of kickboxing. With a foundational stint in China that saw him living and competing as a kickboxer, Andrade accrued a wealth of experience, laying the groundwork for his later conquests. He elucidated this expertise, emphasizing the contrasts of the sports, stating, “When we are talking about kickboxing, it’s very different. We haven’t seen him fight kickboxing before. When you change from Muay Thai to kickboxing, of course it’s a bit closer, compared to MMA to kickboxing.”

However, the reigning and undisputed ONE bantamweight MMA world champion is not resting on his laurels. With the MMA title already in his grasp, a victory in kickboxing would propel him into the annals of combat sports history. Reflecting on this possibility, Andrade told ONE Championship, “I don’t think any athlete has been able to hold the MMA and kickboxing title together, and I’m gonna do something no other older athletes have been able to do.” 

His words not only convey the weight of the impending bout but also reveal a previously unfulfilled aspiration, “That’s a dream that I was never able to achieve. I never had the chance to fight for a world title. I forgot about that because I was so focused on my MMA career when I came to ONE that I kind of forgot about kickboxing, you know?”

Conversely, Jonathan Haggerty, the reigning ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion, faces a unique challenge. Accustomed to the brutal precision of Muay Thai, Haggerty’s signature slicing elbows, known to decimate adversaries, will be conspicuously absent from his arsenal due to kickboxing rules. This transition is something Andrade is keenly aware of, remarking, “It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll adapt from Muay Thai to kickboxing rules. I think it’s going to be interesting to see how he adapts to kickboxing from Muay Thai.”

As the days dwindle down to this much-anticipated clash, the significance of the bout cannot be overstated. Beyond the immediate spectacle, the duel represents a crossing of paths, each fighter’s unique journey leading them to this pivotal moment. For Andrade, it’s a return to familiar grounds with an added layer of history at stake. For Haggerty, it’s a foray into uncharted territory, with a legacy in Muay Thai but a point to prove in kickboxing.

The backdrop of the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium only adds to the grandeur. As these two titans clash, the world will watch closely. The stakes are high, but the rewards? They are unparalleled. For in the balance hangs not just a title, but a chance at etching one’s name in the indelible pages of combat sports folklore.

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