All Elite Wrestling Retains The Elite Stars – Tony Khan

August 3, 2023
From: Spartacus

In an electrifying revelation that has set the professional wrestling community alight, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has successfully secured multi-year contract renewals for its superstar quartet, The Elite. This group, which includes world-renowned wrestlers Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks (comprising Matt and Nick Jackson), and “Hangman” Adam Page, is expected to keep AEW at the apex of the wrestling world for years to come.

Tony Khan, the multifaceted CEO, GM, and Head of Creative at AEW, made the announcement with a beaming sense of accomplishment and pride. He hailed The Elite as pioneers and vital contributors to AEW’s success since its launch. “From the moment the Young Bucks embraced my vision in 2018 and we subsequently brought on board their closest friends, Kenny Omega and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, AEW started to morph into the international pro wrestling sensation it is today,” stated Khan.

As AEW prepares to celebrate the 200th episode of its hit program, Dynamite, fans worldwide are ecstatic at the prospect of many more exhilarating performances from The Elite. The announcement of the contract renewals has significantly amplified this anticipation. Concurrently, murmurs of a much-anticipated rematch against the renowned tag team FTR have stirred the pot, creating an intriguing narrative for fans and analysts alike. Meanwhile, conversations concerning a potential feud between The Elite and recently returned veteran, CM Punk, have lost momentum, allowing other storylines to come into focus.

Beyond their captivating on-screen performances, Omega and The Young Bucks’ backstage contributions to AEW have been monumental. They will persist as Executive Vice Presidents, a role they’ve held since AEW’s inception, employing their vast experience and wrestling acumen to guide the company to further glory. Omega, in particular, has been a pillar of AEW’s evolution, his stellar work as a singles wrestler illustrating a unique style of wrestling that provides a captivating alternative to WWE.

Our initial objective was to create a unique wrestling platform that would shine a light on deserving talents who had yet to get their big break,” shared Omega, known off-stage as Tyson Smith. “The fulfilment of this objective, coupled with the gratification of knowing we’re providing a livelihood for many, makes being an EVP and founder truly rewarding.”

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed the community’s expectations, stating that the “prevailing belief” was that all four members of The Elite would continue their journey with AEW. Interestingly, he also revealed that WWE once harboured ambitions of securing Omega, although those hopes have since dwindled.

The Young Bucks, famous for their high-flying exploits in the ring, echoed Meltzer’s insights. They cited the balance between a sustainable work schedule and lucrative financial compensation as key factors in their decision to re-sign with AEW. “While financial stability was a key consideration, the chance to spend quality time with my family was the deal clincher,” shared Nick Jackson candidly.

In unison with his brother’s sentiments, Matt Jackson acknowledged that their decision wasn’t made in isolation. It was a collective decision, taking into account the entire Elite family. “We aren’t just colleagues; we are a family. And when it comes to making pivotal decisions such as this, we do it together, as a family,” Matt emphasised.

To commemorate their renewed commitment to AEW, The Elite will be headlining the 200th episode of AEW Dynamite. This epic showdown will see them square off against the formidable trio of Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, and Jay Lethal in a thrilling Trios Match. As The Elite gear up for this monumental contest, and many more in the future, the AEW universe waits with bated breath, eagerly anticipating the unrivalled entertainment that only The Elite can provide.

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