Lights, Camera, Action: Affordable Production Solutions

July 19, 2023
From: Spartacus
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Imagine this: A thunderous crowd roaring in anticipation, the sharp smell of sweat and adrenaline in the air, fighters in the corner of the ring bouncing on their toes, the excitement in the air palpable. This is the electrifying world of combat sports. But behind the thrilling fights and the neon lights lies a critical aspect often unnoticed by the fans – the meticulous planning, organising, and substantial investment that goes into the production of these events.

If you’ve ever considered stepping into the ring of combat sports promotion, you know that production can seem like a formidable opponent, especially when your budget is more featherweight than heavyweight. But fear not, we’re here to coach you through the affordable production solutions that can help you deliver a knockout event without breaking the bank.

Use of Smaller, Local Venues

For a high-impact combat sports event, look no further than your local, smaller venues. The larger, mainstream arenas might seem appealing, but the affordability and charm of a smaller venue can provide a remarkable setting for your event. These locales offer all the necessary safety measures and amenities, ensuring the combatants can perform their best while spectators enjoy the show.

The unique ambiance of a smaller venue also creates an intimate, electric atmosphere that larger venues often can’t replicate. Plus, this approach supports local businesses, fostering a community-centric environment where every local becomes a potential fan. It’s about taking the global excitement of combat sports and channelling it into local venues – big impact, small price.

Spartacus, The Gladiator of Live Streaming

Say goodbye to the high costs of traditional TV production. Spartacus is your cost-effective chariot to global visibility. This groundbreaking live streaming platform offers a cost-friendly solution to broadcast your events to an international audience. With its innovative features like pay-per-view and subscriptions, Spartacus ensures a wider reach while promising substantial revenue. But that’s not all – Spartacus also opens up opportunities for ad revenue, further bolstering your income. The world becomes your arena, all without the burden of excessive production cost

Social Media Promotion

Replace the expensive, traditional forms of advertising with the power and reach of social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be a promoter’s dream, allowing you to boost your visibility without busting your budget. Regular updates keep fans in the loop, behind-the-scenes content builds excitement, and fan interactions cultivate a loyal community. Plus, the potential for viral content can skyrocket your promotion’s popularity overnight. Social media isn’t just a cost-effective promotional tool – it’s your digital loudspeaker, rallying your fanbase and summoning new followers to your cause.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

In the world of combat sports, partnerships and sponsorships are the backbone of financial sustenance. Form alliances with local businesses for a shared commitment to success, or secure sponsorships for additional financial support. In exchange, these partners receive advertising during your events, thus creating a cycle of mutual benefits. It’s about more than sharing costs; it’s about building a network of support, fostering a community where everyone benefits, and forging a path to success through collective effort.

Volunteers and Internships

The heart and soul of any event are the people who run it. In the realm of combat sports, volunteers and interns can bring a level of enthusiasm that’s infectious and invigorating. By offering internships or engaging volunteers, you can create a vibrant and cost-effective staffing solution for your events. Interns eager to make their mark in the sports industry can benefit from hands-on experience and industry exposure. Volunteers, often passionate fans themselves, bring enthusiasm and a love for the sport that can elevate the event atmosphere. While they can’t replace professional staff in key roles, they can support in many ways, such as ticketing, ushering, or even social media management on event days.

Shared Equipment and Resources

In the competitive world of combat sports, collaborations can lead to cost-saving and mutually beneficial situations. Shared resources and equipment among local promotions or businesses can help reduce individual costs while strengthening local bonds. Do you both need access to a high-quality printer for promotional materials? Or perhaps a shared lease on broadcast-grade equipment such as cameras or lighting rigs? These partnerships reduce expenses and encourage a sense of camaraderie and shared success in your local business community.

DIY Approach

Nothing exudes your brand’s personality better than elements crafted by your own team. Whether it’s the design of the fight arena, the creation of eye-catching promotional material, or the intricate planning of the event itself, these tasks can often be brought in-house. This DIY approach to many aspects of your promotion not only saves you from expensive outsourcing but also ensures every detail reflects your brand’s identity and ethos. It may require extra time and effort, but the savings and the sense of ownership and brand consistency are well worth it.

Cost-Effective Production Equipment

High-quality production no longer requires a Hollywood-level budget. There’s an array of affordable yet effective production equipment available today that can deliver impressive results. Lighting equipment, sound systems, cameras, and even editing software can be acquired without breaking the bank. These tools are crucial in ensuring your events look and sound professional, enhancing the viewer’s experience both on-site and via broadcasts. Even better, these purchases are investments that will serve your promotion well over time, improving the quality of your productions without a consistent high-cost output.

Freelance Hiring

Staffing a combat sports promotion isn’t just about full-time staff; it’s about finding the right people for the right tasks at the right times. By opting for freelancers for specific, project-based tasks such as video editing, graphic design, or marketing, you can tap into a reservoir of skills and talent without the commitment of full-time salaries. The gig economy offers a plethora of professionals whose expertise can be harnessed on demand. The costs correlate directly with your needs and you maintain the flexibility to scale up or down based on your event schedules. Plus, it provides opportunities to professionals in the field, further contributing to the sport’s ecosystem.

Utilising Local Talent

In the vicinity of every university or college, there’s a potential goldmine of talent waiting to be discovered. Students, particularly those studying film, broadcasting, sports management, or even business, may jump at the opportunity to work with a real combat sports promotion. It’s a chance for them to get hands-on experience, showcase their skills, and build a professional portfolio. They might even offer their services for a minimal fee or for free in exchange for the industry experience. For your promotion, it’s a cost-effective solution that supports local educational institutions and might just uncover the next big talent in sports broadcasting or management.

Leverage Free Broadcasting Platforms

A major television deal might be a long-term goal, but it’s not the only way to broadcast your events. Platforms like YouTube offer a pathway to reach a global audience without massive television production costs. With options for live streaming and video uploads, these platforms allow your events to be accessed by fans around the world, at any time. Monetization strategies such as ad revenues, sponsored content, or fan funding through platforms like Patreon, can turn your free broadcasts into income streams. As your online following grows, you’ll be positioning your promotion favourably for future negotiations with larger broadcasting entities.

Compact Equipment

Huge production equipment, multiple trucks, and a battalion of staff are old-school necessities. With advancements in technology, compact, mobile-friendly equipment is available that offers excellent production quality without the bulk or the cost. Portable lighting rigs can illuminate your fights just right. Compact sound systems can capture every punch, cheer, and comment. DSLR cameras or even high-quality smartphone cameras can broadcast events with great visual quality. This mobility-friendly equipment can be easily transported and set up with minimal personnel, perfect for a promotion with variable venues.

Training In-House Staff

Every member of your team can be a valuable asset if their skills are utilised fully. If you already have a team that is passionate and committed to the cause, why not invest in their growth? By providing training, your staff can take on additional roles related to event production. A logistics team member, for instance, could be trained in audio-visual setup. A team member from the public relations department could learn to manage live streaming during events. This way, you could save significant costs related to hiring outside professionals, improve team productivity, and build a multi-skilled team that can handle a variety of situations. Furthermore, a team that gets opportunities to learn and grow is more likely to stay motivated and committed, leading to lower employee turnover.

Barter Services

Small-scale combat sports promotions, especially those with local roots, can explore barter deals with other local businesses. For instance, a local graphic design agency might be willing to design promotional materials in exchange for free advertising at your event. Or a local gym might offer their space for pre-fight training sessions in return for free tickets to the event. Such barter deals not only help reduce cash outlays but also foster a sense of community support and mutual growth.

Live Event Ticket Sales

While it’s essential to focus on production cost efficiencies, revenue optimization should also be a key focus area. One way to do this is by maximising live event ticket sales. Conduct market research to understand what your audience is willing to pay, offer tiered pricing options for different seating sections, early bird discounts to incentivize early sales, group discounts for clubs or associations, and special offers for students or military personnel. All these strategies could help sell more tickets and ensure that every seat adds to your revenues.

Virtual Ticket Sales

The rise of digital platforms has opened up a new avenue for combat sports promotions to earn revenue – virtual tickets. This is especially helpful when there are limitations on live audiences or when the physical tickets sell out. Virtual tickets allow fans from all over the world to tune into your event live, multiplying your audience many folds. To enhance the experience for virtual ticket holders and to encourage more sales, you could offer exclusive behind-the-scenes content, virtual meet and greets with fighters, or options to view past fights.

Rent Instead of Buying

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, the top-of-the-line equipment you buy today might become obsolete in just a few years. Instead, consider renting equipment based on your specific needs for each event. This could save you not only the upfront costs of buying but also the ongoing maintenance costs and the costs related to replacing outdated equipment. With rental services, you can always have access to the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Collaborative Promotions

Another innovative and practical solution is to join forces with other small-scale promotions for co-hosted events. This approach allows for shared costs of venue, equipment, marketing, and staff. It also broadens the fighter roster for the event, making it more appealing to a wider audience. A collaboration like this could even lead to shared audiences and cross-promotion benefits in the future. In a fiercely competitive market, such collaborative approaches can make a significant difference in cost efficiency and market reach.


In the exciting arena of combat sports, small-scale promotions play a crucial role. They bring the thrill of the fight to local communities, nurture upcoming talent, and contribute to the diversity and vibrancy of the sport. However, delivering high-quality events can be a costly affair. With strategic planning, innovative thinking, and a keen understanding of available resources, these costs can be effectively managed without compromising on the quality of the event. From smart use of local venues to leveraging digital platforms, from hiring freelancers to trading services – there are numerous ways to make every dollar count. By adopting these affordable production solutions, not only can small-scale combat sports promotions sustain their operations, but they can also thrive, grow, and continue to fuel the passion of fans and fighters alike.

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